The BEA is the official French organisation responsible for technical investigations of civil aviation accidents and incidents. The BEA carries out investigations and issues its reports in a completely independent manner.

To accomplish its mission, the BEA has 70 staff members, of whom 30 are investigators and ten are investigative assistants. They make use of a large group of qualified Civil Aviation personnel, known as Field Investigators. The BEA can, on its own authority, call upon the assistance of the Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) the Ministry of Defence, the Meteorological Service, industrial groups, shippers and other professionals.

Organisation Chart

Access to the BEA's offices


The BEAs offices and technical services are located in the Paris Region at Le Bourget Airport. The building currently in use has 1000 m and is being extended so as to meet future needs in terms of offices and workshops. In 1999 the space available will exceed 3000 m. The BEA also has 6000 m of hangars and protected areas at its disposal at Melun aerodrome.