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Developmental Skills Increased With Baby Einstein

Monique’s son’s vocabulary skills have improved:
“My husband and I purchased the Baby Einstein series of videos. I must say I am very impressed with the videos. My 22-month-old toddler can’t get enough of them. He wants to watch them all the time, and has a little fit when the videos come to an end. In addition to his devotion to the videos, his vocabulary and concept skills have expanded at a rapid rate. I thank you for your creative mind and for developing this wonderful (product) for children.”

Michelle credits Baby Einstein for her son Jordan’s early language development:
“My 17-month-old son Jordan has "grown up" on your products and has the Baby Webster cards as well as all the videos. When Jordan was 3 months old my mother purchased his first video -- Baby Mozart. He would sit glued to the TV watching the colors and objects. Even at such a young age, you had captured his attention. Now, if you try to put in a video that isn't Baby Einstein, he will have none of it! Jordan is talking early and has an extensive vocabulary, currently consisting of approximately 75 words. (Baby Einstein must take some of the credit for this!) His newest words are "monkey" and "turtle" from the World Animals video! Jane has become his new best friend! I am an educator of middle school students with cognitive disabilities, and I am aware of the importance of exposing a child early to the joys of learning. Thank you so much for providing me with this tool for teaching my son, a tool he thoroughly enjoys. I recommend your products to new parents at every chance I get. Keep up the great work!”

Nicole uses Baby Einstein for her Home Daycare activities:
“I am a mother of two and also run a home-based daycare. (My son) is a very active little boy. He began walking at 8 1/2 months and has not stopped since. I borrowed Baby Mozart from a neighbor when he was 9 months old, and he actually sat still to watch it. I have since purchased five videos from the collection -- Baby Bach, Baby Einstein, the animal one, Baby Van Gogh, and Baby Shakespeare. I have also purchased the Animal Discovery Cards and the Language Cards. My son, now 16 months old, wants to watch the videos all day long. I have incorporated the videos into my daycare activities. We watch a video and then (study) the cards. The children repeat the words or the colors, and we make the animal sounds along with the video. One of the two year olds I have in daycare has increased his vocabulary significantly. I want to thank you for the videos, they really reach children on a level that no other series has. You really have captured their interests.”

JaLynn’s daughter Grace loves the animals from the animal video:
“My daughter (Grace) is 14 months old and very active. Typically, she will not sit still longer than five minutes to look at a book or watch a cartoon. She loves books, but they are like a "pit stop" for her. Several teacher co-workers of mine were raving about your videos. Grace loves animals so I bought the animal video. She watches the ENTIRE video! Granted, she watches while standing, but she is still fixated on the video! I love it because the movements (in the video) are slow, which is great for a baby's developing senses. Thank you.”

Charyl uses Baby Einstein to help with developmentally disabled children:
“I work at a home for abused, abandoned and neglected children, specifically with kids from birth to six years old. We get children from every walk of life at every developmental stage. We currently have an autistic boy who just turned two. This child loves the Baby Mozart video so much that sometimes it is the only thing that calms him down. We had a five-year-old child who had ADHD and various other problems. He was able to actually sit still for half the Baby Mozart video, which was a big accomplishment! We have even sat our newborn drug-exposed infants in front of this video, and they watch it too. I just purchased the Baby Bach video for my own children, and they love it. We are planning on purchasing more videos for the children at the home since the one we have was such a big hit.”

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