You will first need the (M) code to get these to work.

(M) Must Be On


The four unused peds. All 4 street musicians. Now officially known as The GFCC Musical Band. Yee-haw!

Costume Code Ped Modifier

1CBFAD88 3844E7XX

Replace XX with the following digits below, depending on who you want to be.

Then, simply start your game, enter the Change Ped buttoncode (R, D, L, U, L1, L2, U, L, D, R) and you
will be changed into the ped of your choice - no more random selection, no more endless repetition.

Special Update:  For instructions on how to play as the boss characters, click here for Real Unimportant's detailed How-To guide.

Character Modifier
Fido (streetclothes) A5
Cop A6
Army A1
Paramedic A2
Fireman A3
Blue Man - Jeans, Blue/white Check Shirt, Blue Baseball Cap A4
Taxi Driver 9D
Pimp 9E
Mafia Guy 1 9F
Mafia Guy 2, Wears Sunglasses A0
Short Triad 99
Tall Triad 9A
Diablo, Red Bandana, Khakis 9B
Diablo, Blue Bandana, Jeans 9C
Yakuza Suit, Maroon B5
Yakuza Suit, Blue B6
Yardie B7
Yardie B8
Cartel, Red Shirt B1
Cartel, Blue Shirt B2
Red Jack B3
Purple Nine B4
Black Street Thug, Dark Jacket AD
Latino Street Thug, Shorts AE
White Male "Dirty Old Man 1," Grey Trenchcoat AB
Black Male Tourist, Shorts, Shades, Red Jacket AC
White Male Tourist, Blue/White Hawaiian Shirt, Shorts C5
Black Male, Blue Cap w/ Headphones, Light Green Jacket C6
Black Female, Maroon Jacket, Cargos, Red Bandana C7
White "Soccer Mom", Blue Hood Top, Shorts & Baseball Cap C8
White Female "Office Worker 1," Black Suit, Brown Handbag, Red Hair C1
Black Female "Big Momma" C2
White Female "Hyacinth Bucket" C3
Black Hooker C4
White Hooker BD
Black Male "Trucker 1," Blue Hood Top, Baseball Cap & Jeans BE
Black Male "George Jefferson," Brown "Andy" Cap, Scarf & Pants, Green Jacket BF
Black Female "Little Old Lady 1," Light Brown Coat, Dark Grey Dress C0
Black Female, Blue Jacket & Pants, High Bun B9
White Guy, Grey Pants & Hat, Green Jacket BA
White Trucker, Off-White Jacket, Blue Pants, Red Baseball Cap BB
White Female "Little Old Lady," Brown Coat & Dress, Dark Hair BC
Asian Female, Red Tanktop, Black Sweatshirt, Grey Pants D5
White Male, Blue Jacket, Brown Slacks & Hat D6
White Male "Trucker 2," Light Brown Jacket, Blue Pants, Red Baseball Cap D7
White Female "Little Old Lady 2," Dark Khaki Coat & Dress, Grey Hair D8
White Female "Jogger," Black Sidestriped Pants, Red Jacket, Backpack D1
White Male "Sanitation Engineer 1," Dirty Grey Coveralls & Cap D2
Black Male "Sanitation Engineer 1," Dirty Grey Coveralls, Black Cap D3
White Male "Bum," Dirty Grey Coat & Pants, Red Headscarf D4
White Female "Baglady," Dirty Brown Coat, Grey Skirt & Headscarf, Hat CD
White Male "Sanitation Engineer 2," Dirty Grey Coveralls & Cap, Gloves, Dark Hair CE
Black Male "Sanitation Engineer 2," Dirty Grey Coveralls, Blue Cap CF
White Male "Office Worker 1," Blue Suit, Brown Hat D0
White Male "Dirty Old Man 2," Khaki Trenchcoat C9
White Male "Mafia-clone," Black Coat & Pants CA
White Female "Office Worker 2," Black Suit, Bag, Brown Hair CB
White Female "Student," Blue Furlined Jacket, Jeans, Backpack CC
Black Female "Office Worker," Black Suit, Brown Purse 65
White Male "Office Worker 2," Brown Suit & Hat 66
White Female "Office Worker 3," Reddish Brown Suit, Shoulder Bag, Blond Hair 67
White Male "Game Steward," Red/White Shirt Marked "Steward," Blue Shorts 68
Black Female "Game Steward," Red/White Shirt Marked "Steward," Khaki Shorts 61
Black Male "Cocks Fan," Red/White "Cocks" Jacket, "Cocks" Cap, Blue Pants 62
White Male "Cocks Fan," Red/White "Cocks" Jacket, "Cocks" Cap, Khaki Pants 63
White Female "Cocks Fan," Red/White "Cocks" Jacket, "Cocks" Cap, Blue Pants 64
White Male "Liberty Hospital Services," Green Scrubs and Cap, Black Gloves 5D
Black Female "Liberty Hospital Services," Green Scrubs and Cap, Black Gloves 5E
White Male "Village People Docker," Red Flannel Shirt, White T-Shirt, Blue Shorts 5F
Black Male "Village People Docker," Blue Flannel Shirt, Red T-Shirt, Blue Shorts 60
White Female "Young Shopaholic," Blue Furlined Coat, 2 x "Zip" Bags, Shoulder Bag 59
White Female "Old Shopper," Pink Coat, 2 x Grocery Bags 5A
Asian Female "Shopper," Green Sweatshirt & Tanktop, Purple Shorts, 2 x Grocery Bags 5B
White Male "Art Student," Dk Grey Trenchcoat, Ponytail, Notepad With "Interesting" Sketch 5C
White Female "Big-Girl Student," Black Jacket, Red Pants, Backpack, Pigtails 75
White Male, Brown Pants & Hat, Khaki Jacket 76
White Girl "Rock Star," Blue Hooded Hop w/ "ROCK STAR" Logo, Green Shorts, Red "Cocks" Cap 77
Hellion - The Pan-Piper Of Love 78
RealUnimportant - Folk Guitarist Extraordinaire 71
Fiber Optikz - He Of The Big Bongos 72
GXP - Total Sax Appeal 73