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jessamyn {feedback: 0 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative}
aka. the edgy hammock queen
po box 95474
seattle, washington 98145

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Allow Me!: A pad of permission slips.

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Diary of a Consumer: This notebook will attempt to chronicle our consumerism. You will be expected to include a receipt along with more detailed info of something you recently bought.

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Question 40087
1. personal  
Q (sls): i have a 25 dollar book of seattle metro vouchers that i'm looking to trade with a seattlite for some cool rubber stamps. i just moved to canada, and have no use for the vouchers anymore. let me know if you are interested. ^_^
31 01:39
A (jessamyn): Not yet answered.

Question 8618
2. personal  
Q (ninx): Is there anyway you can get me about 20 or so library cards (that have been used) / pockets (new or used) in exchange for $$ or something else? i'd adore you :) let me know!.. matt@lite.net.
29 23:35
A (jessamyn): heya -- I can probably get pockets, but all I have on hand now are cards from card catalogs, with book info on them etc. if that interests you, let me know, otherwise I can maybe scare up pockets but it might take a bit....
01 19:47

Question 6257
3. personal  
Q (sistert): I know Erik was booting those who were Bad Eggs so it could have been one of them. Darn!
03 06:59
A (jessamyn): Not yet answered.

Question 6066
4. personal  
Q (sistert): Just curious. Did the Permission Slip LMAO go out yet?
30 13:24
A (jessamyn): YES -- and it appears to have gone to the first person on the list who received it and then for some reason is no longer on the list. i have been trying to track it down for the past few weeks.
02 22:33

Question 4690
5. personal  
Q (Lyrica): no prob...I'll resend it tomorrow!
14 21:50
A (jessamyn): Not yet answered.