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June 4

Avoid linkrot with software that automatically creates a local cache for each link. Obvious limitations (single-page links, copyright issues, storage and bandwidth expense), but an ingenious solution to blogging's biggest (?) problem.

posted by dhartung to technology at 1:37 AM PDT - 3 comments

June 2

"Maybe blogs are a way of keeping the truly antisocial out of harm's way," says The Register's Andrew Orlowski in a story which, because the number of blog readers is "statistically insignificant", will "almost certainly be the least-read item of the day" at his employer's site. (So why write it?)

posted by rory to culture at 4:33 AM PDT - 8 comments

May 30

Salam Pax, the Baghdad blogger has been found and is writing for the Guardian UK. Also worth noting is this independent journalist/photographer's trip through Iraq that crossed paths with Salam a couple weeks ago.

posted by mathowie to news at 8:02 PM PDT - 3 comments

Write a blog post, get a visit from the FBI. Earlier this week teen blogger Erin Carter titled a blog post "hacking the gibson" which prompted a visit from the Feds ("The FBI has been reading my diary") due to reports of her high school's computer system being hacked. She's removed the posts but it sounds like simple case of confusion on the police's part. Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come in the blog world.

posted by mathowie to news at 3:37 PM PDT - 6 comments

Greenpeace activism weblogged. The environmental organisation set up a weblog in order to provide a live coverage of the latest action for the Greenpeace Stop Exxon campaign. Mobile phones and hidden cameras were also used to update parts of both sites.

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May 28

Hotwired Japan: What's up with blogs? Hotwired Japan covers blogging in Japanese with profiles of Evan Williams, Rebecca Blood, and NYC Bloggers, among others. Good to see that blogging is getting more press here in Japan.

posted by gkanai to news at 2:36 AM PDT - 8 comments

May 27

Expressions! - a new photoblogging tool Expressions! is a hosted blogging solution for photographers, artists and bloggers who want a visually driven blog. The upcoming launch of Expressions! has been announced promising tools aimed specifically for the media-blogger. Specialised blogs are starting to make their appearance on the Web, and now with them - specialised blog tools.

posted by lorissa to technology at 2:26 PM PDT - 8 comments

May 23

Adam Kalsey, whose interface to the button maker recently made the blog rounds, has posted "Anatomy of a meme" that looks at where it started, how quickly it grew, and the traffic patterns it sparked on his server.

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May 22

Six Apart post some TypePad preview shots and I must say, those are some darn good looking interface screens. Other online applications now have a standard to meet.

posted by MisterMorgan to news at 1:10 PM PDT - 1 comments

May 18

First International Moblogging Conference has been scheduled for July 5th, in Tokyo. Looks like they're planning panels and discussions about all things mobile blogging.

posted by mathowie to technology at 10:14 PM PDT - 1 comments