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A Tale of Two Biddies.  Posted on 05/27/03 09:35 PM by Sheallaidh
Women gossip, but deny it. Gay men gossip and are proud of it. Fox News on the other hand bring you the truth "fair and balanced". I want to be like Fox News, so I'd be proud if you all followed me on a leisurely jaunt down wild speculation alley...

First let's get the boring factualities out of the way.

Stephen, our favorite bidder for the Realm, has dropped out. He has closed his boards and the final post can be seen here. Spot the gratuitous plug. The reason behind the withdrawal is apparently the size of the offer made by the mysterious third bidder.

While this unfortunate announcement is fairly regrettable, and some of us might feel sad for Stephen's failure, you have to at least admire a guy who knows when to flog a

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Rumors Abound  Posted on 05/23/03 09:55 PM by Sheallaidh
Here at SSBoards we are not afraid to wade through chest deep garbage to get you the information you crave. In fact we often dive head first into huge steaming piles of, uh, dung, in an effort to pick some good bits out.

Yes, so, without the exaggerated illustrative musings, that means we are always on the lookout for gossip.

Ok... OK, fine, it really means we sit here and do nothing, but on the off chance that someone directly tells us something of remote interest we might post it, depending of course on how lazy we are feeling at any given, information receiving, point.

If you think that made no sense I might write the next few lines in the style of The Architect and really confuse you.

Heretofore we had presupposed that the tertiary bidder may be Hyjinks, however tha...

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The Race to Buy the Realm  Posted on 05/18/03 12:50 PM by Sheallaidh
<- This is the Realm icon, it will appear at the beginning of any front page post that is about the Realm.

A while ago some rumors developed that one or several people were attempting to purchase the Realm from Codemasters.

This rumor was confirmed recently when Stephen "Soon" Nichols, former Lead Programmer under both Sierra and Codemasters, publicly stated that he was "in negotiations" to buy the game. Steve has set up a message board to help gather player support for his bid.

It also became apparent that the current Realm programmer, Bryan "The Baby" Waters is also putting in a bid. Although he's probably only doing it to hike up the price for Stephen, as he surely knows that a game under his ownership would sink faster than the Titanic.

Finally a mysterious third bidder is rumored to be holding up pro...

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"Best" of the boards, Ad-hoc roundup.  Posted on 05/09/03 03:05 PM by Sheallaidh
Ok so maybe weekly was a bit optimistic too....

I think monthly is also a bit optimistic so I'm going with "ad-hoc roundup", which is of course french for "whenever I can be bothered".

Right now there are two threads of interest.

The first is a non argumentative discussion about X-Men 2.
The second is mildly amusing at the moment, but I forsee great things for it.

I really wish someone would write something on this thing, so I feel like I haven't COMPLETELY WASTED MY TIME.

While we wait for that to happen lets enjoy a new poll!

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Best of the Boards - Weekly Roundup.   Posted on 04/07/03 03:45 PM by Sheallaidh
Ok so maybe "Daily Roundup" was a bit optimistic. :P

Let's try "Weekly Roundup".

Continuing the geeky theme this week we have this thread, which (unlike most SSBoards ventures) actually took place.

The first installment was last night, and I think everyone enjoyed it, keep your eyes peeled for the date/time of the next gripping installment.

In next week's daily roundup we will be highlighting the best posts of the forthcoming month, in retrospect.

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Best of the Boards - Daily Roundup.  Posted on 03/21/03 06:18 PM by Sheallaidh
Well, it will be daily if I get the time and/or there's a thread or post every day to highlight.

Anyway, this community really never ceases to amaze me. I thought I'd seen everything when I saw a math problem become an argument...

...then people began using argu-limericks. Yes, that's right, actually arguing in Limerick stylee. Whatever next?

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EZBoards archives are up!  Posted on 03/19/03 05:31 PM by ib
After a year of festering on our hard drives, the old EZBoards archives have finally been reformatted and uploaded for your reading pleasure.

You can check it out here.

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Welcome to the Front Page!  Posted on 03/16/03 07:44 PM by Sheallaidh
Woot, finally got this thing up and running, with some help from Dave Lozier's IIP 5.3, and a lot of my own code.

So what do you think? Vote on the poll (it's to the left).

P.S. Everything is subject to change, I'm not sure I like everything the way it is, suggestions are welcome.

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