Directed by: Piet Kroon
Written by:
Music by:

Released on:
Running Time:  minutes

Budget: $
Box-Office: $ in the U.S., $ million worldwide


  Piet Kroon, who previously worked on Warners Feature Animation’s The Iron Giant as well as Osmosis Jones, set up shop at Disney by early 2002.

  A May 2002 rumour reveals that Piet Kroon is slated to helm Fraidy Cat, "a Hitchcock-type mystery that’s set in London."

  Fraidy Cat is expected to combine the very best of the 2-D & 3-D animation traditions. However, Hans Bacher (the production designer on Disney’s 1998 release, Mulan) has been trying to win Piet Kroon over to the idea of doing Fraidy Cat as a straight 3-D CG feature, in order to avoid all of the behind-the-scenes headaches that are involved with making one of the se 2-D / 3-D hybrid projects.  "If you ever want to hear an overly long, very involved explanation, just ask someone who works in the computer animation field to tell you what a 3-D ground plate is. Then ask them to explain how you’d put 3-D characters in a CG environment that uses 2-D hand drawn backgrounds. 15 hours later, these guys will still be yammering on about what a bitch it is to work on a project like this."

  An Animated Movies spy saw in August 2002 a first poster for the movie, which spoofed Hitchcock's Vertigo with a cat falling down a spiral hole. "The design is reminiscent of Tim Burton (very skinny with bulgy eyes) and thriller movies from the '50s. Very black and white and stylized." Very unlike the conventional Disney style we've grown used to!

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