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"Pride and Joy, Chapter One"


Prepared for Marvel Comics by Brian K. Vaughn

Adrian -- Great to be working with you! If your pages are half as great as your sketches, we’re gonna have a kick-ass book. Anyway, my scripts are pretty detailed, but these panel descriptions are just suggestions. If you ever see a better way to layout a page or frame a shot, just shoot me an email.

Oh, and you may notice that I changed a few of our characters’ names. Because they won’t start using their cool codenames for a while, I thought they deserved less boring real names than "John" and "Leslie."

Anyway, good luck and have fun!

Page One

Page One, Panel One

Okay, we open strong with this largest panel of the page. It’s daytime now, and we’re on the front lawn of the White House (here's a website for reference, Adrian: . In the middle of this lawn, Captain America is raising his shield to protect himself from none other than the Incredible Hulk (old school: big, green, purple pants, etc.), who is raising both of his fists up to squash Cap like a gnat. There’s no way Cap could survive a direct hit from the Hulk, but he doesn’t look scared. Instead, he’s calmly speaking to someone off-panel.

1) Captain America: Daredevil, what’s the SitRep?

2) Captain America: If we don’t find a way to put the Hulk down fast, he’s gonna tear right through the White House!

Page One, Panel Two

Cut over to a nearby fallen tree (presumably the Hulk’s work) for this smaller panel, where Daredevil is cradling the lifeless body of Spider-Man. Spidey’s mask is torn and bloody, and DD looks understandably upset. What the hell is going on here?

3) Daredevil: It’s Spider-Man, Cap… he’s dead.

4) Someone’s Voice (from off): Don’t worry, gentlemen, I’ve got it under control!

(continued on next page…)

Page One, Panel Three

Cut to nearby for this shot of Sue Richards, the Invisible Woman, who suddenly materializes on the lawn (maybe her legs are still partially invisible). Sue is wearing a ridiculously sexy Fantastic Four outfit (something that shows off a lot of skin, Adrian, but nothing as skimpy as Vampirella’s costume, please). She’s striking a flirtatious pose.

5) Invisible Woman: After all, there’s more than one way to soothe a savage beast.

Page One, Panel Four

Cut over to Cap for this small panel, as he turns around and lowers his shield. He’s looking at "us" (really the off-panel Invisible Woman), and he seems perplexed and annoyed. Maybe we can see part of Hulk’s massive chest looming behind him.

6) Captain America: Okay, wait, time out for a second.

7) Captain America: This is totally retarded.


Page Two

Page Two, Panel One

Pull out for this shot of Cap, Hulk and the Invisible Woman, as all three heroes suddenly "break character." Hulk is playfully reaching out to grab the Invisible Woman, but Cap is holding him back with one hand. The Invisible Woman is talking with Cap; she doesn’t understand why he’s stopped this fight.

1) Invisible Woman: What?

2) Captain America: First of all, you’re not part of this mission. And second, you’re, like… horrifically out of character.

3) Hulk: Hulk smooch!

Page Two, Panel Two

Push in on just Cap and Sue, as they confront each other.

4) Captain America: You’re supposed to be the Invisible Woman, not Mrs. Skank-tastic.

5) Invisible Woman: You don’t know what you’re talking about, dude.

6) Invisible Woman: My older brother interned for the Fantastic Four last year. He said Sue Richards hits on anything that moves.

Page Two, Panel Three

Pull out to the largest panel of the page, as Daredevil and a miraculously "resurrected" Spider-Man join the others. Daredevil is lecturing Cap, while Spidey points at the Invisible Woman’s sexy attire. Cap buries his face in his hand, clearly fed-up with this nonsense.

7) Daredevil: Just so you know, it’s not cool to use "retarded" in a pejorative manner. My cousin’s girlfriend is a retard.

8) Spider-Man: Hey, can you, um… send me that skin?

9) Captain America: All right, this campaign is obviously a bust, so--

Page Two, Panel Four

This is just a small shot of Cap, as he turns to address an off-panel voice.

10) Someone’s Voice (from off): Alex Wilder, get off that thing now!

11) Captain America: Sorry, boys…


Page Three

Page Three, SPLASH

Smash cut to the real world for this SPLASH. We’re now inside the dark and messy bedroom of young Alex Wilder, who’s dressed in hip, comfortable attire. We’re looking at his smirking profile in the foreground of this shot, and we can see that he’s holding a joystick and wearing a headset for network gaming. Alex is looking at a computer monitor on which we can clearly see a shot of Captain America and the other assembled superheroes (like in Panel Three from last page). And maybe we can see "Stark Industries" written on the bottom of the monitor (that’s Iron Man’s technology company).

In the background of this shot (visible between Alex and his computer), Mr. and Mrs. Wilder are standing in the bedroom’s open doorway, looking upset. Mr. Wilder is a tall, thick African-American middle-aged man with a shaved head and a neatly trimmed beard. Mrs. Wilder is an attractive middle-aged African-American woman (think the Mom from The Cosby Show). They’re both wearing simple, semi-formal evening attire, and they’re frowning with their arms crossed. Looks like someone’s about to get grounded.

Finally, please leave a decent amount of room at the bottom of this page for our title, credits, indicia, etc. Thanks!


1) Alex: …the overlords beckon.


2) Title:


Chapter One

3) Credits: Brian K. Vaughan - Writer

Adrian Mababangloob - Penciller

_________________ - Colorist

_________________ - Letterer

C.B. Cebulski - Editor

Joe Quesada - Chief

Bill Jemas - President

Page Four

Page Four, Panel One

Change angles, as Mr. and Mrs. Wilder approach their son. They’re freaking out a bit, and Alex removes his headset in an effort to calm them down.

1) Mrs. Wilder: What in God’s name have you been doing in here all day? Is that pornography?

2) Alex: No, Mom, it’s a M.M.O.R.G.

3) Mr. Wilder: What the hell is that?

Page Four, Panel Two

Push in on Alex and Mr. Wilder, as a frustrated Alex stands to talk to his Dad.

4) Alex: A massively multi-player…

5) Alex: It’s a game, Dad. Like Monopoly, but for the computer.

6) Mr. Wilder: Does it cost me money?

Page Four, Panel Three

Change angles on the two, as Alex suddenly gets upset.

7) Alex: You got it for me as a birthday gift!

8) Mr. Wilder: You turned sixteen months ago, Alex. I wasn’t paying for a lifetime subscription.

9) Alex: But it’s the only place I can hang out with my friends!

Page Four, Panel Four

Change angles for this largest panel of the page, as Alex YANKS up the blinds in his room, revealing a spectacular private Malibu beach right outside. The sun is setting in the distance.

10) Alex: Besides, we live in Malibu!

11) Alex: What difference does a few dollars make?

Page Five

Page Five, Panel One

Change angles for this shot of Alex and his father, as the intimidating Mr. Wilder gets right in his son’s face.

1) Mr. Wilder: The only reason we’re able to afford a home here is because my father taught me that every dollar makes a difference.

2) Alex: Then let me get a job! Please! I could--

3) Mr. Wilder: Cancel the service. Today.

Page Five, Panel Two

This is just a small shot of Alex, as he hangs his head, quietly sad.

4) Alex (small, disappointed): Yes, sir.

Page Five, Panel Three

Pull out for this largest panel of the page, as Alex’s father lovingly puts a hand on his troubled son’s shoulder. Mr. Wilder is actually smiling a bit. We can see Mrs. Wilder watching in the background; she looks a little sorry for Alex.

5) Mr. Wilder: I know you think I’m a monster, Alex, but someday you’ll understand that everything I did was done out of love.

6) Mr. Wilder: And when that day comes… I hope you remember to put your mother and me in a decent nursing home.

Page Five, Panel Four

We’re behind Mr. Wilder here, as he walks out of Alex’s bedroom. He’s turning to look back at us as he leaves, and he’s again being a hard-ass.

7) Mr. Wilder: For now, I would appreciate it if you’d simply change into something clean.

8) Mr. Wilder: Our guests will be here at seven.


Page Six

Page Six, Panel One

Cut back to Alex and his mother; they’re alone now. Mrs. Wilder suddenly grows a little more affectionate now that her husband is gone.

1) Alex (small, under his breath): Jeez, he’s in a mood.

2) Mrs. Wilder: I’m sorry, honey, but you know how nervous he gets before these things.

Page Six, Panel Two

Change angles for this largest panel of the page, as Alex turns his back on his mother to stare out the off-panel window. We’re with an annoyed Alex in the foreground, and we can see Mrs. Wilder in the background behind him.

3) Alex: I don’t understand why. Every year, you guys just invite the same five couples over to sip brandy and cut checks.

4) Alex: When other people in L.A. do charity events, they put on, you know, celebrity golf tournaments… fun stuff.

5) Mrs. Wilder: Alex, your father and I have told you, good deeds should be done in secret, with no expectation of reward. It’s what makes us human.

Page Six, Panel Three

Push in closer on the two, as Alex turns around to again face his mother.

6) Alex: Yeah, I know. I just wish I didn’t have to babysit your friends’ creepy kids while you guys get to hide in the library.

7) Mrs. Wilder: We’re not hiding, we’re doing sensitive work in private. And those five children are anything but "creepy."

Page Six, Panel Four

Change angles on the two, and please leave room for this exchange:

8) Alex: Oh, yeah? What about that white guy who always calls me "brother?" Or that dorky girl who still hasn’t given me back the Prisoner DVDs I let her borrow last year?

9) Mrs. Wilder: Alex, you’re being obnoxious. The six of you have been having nothing but marvelous times together since you were all in diapers.

10) Mrs. Wilder: And unlike your "Internet friends," those kids think of you as family. They can’t wait to see you!


Page Seven

Page Seven, Panel One

Cut to this close-up of a screaming Gertie Yorkes (aka "Arsenic").

1) Gert: I don’t wanna go!

Page Seven, Panel Two

Pull out to the largest panel of the page to reveal that we’re now inside the living room of the Yorkes family, which is filled with expensive antiques (masks, statues, swords, etc.). A nice full-figure shot of Gert should be the focus of this panel. She’s arguing with her middle-aged Caucasian parents here. Adrian, Mom and Dad are time-travelers posing as antique dealers, so their formal attire can be a little retro (but nothing too wacky, please). Mrs. Yorkes is trying to be patient, but her husband is smirking sarcastically.

2) Overlay in Upper Left-hand Corner (not in a caption box!):

The Yorkes Residence

6:01 p.m.

3) Gert: If you guys are so obsessed with helping the poor, why won’t you let me join the socialist club?

4) Mrs. Yorkes: Gertrude, as we discussed, while capitalism may be the unequal distribution of wealth, socialism is the equal distribution of poverty.

5) Mr. Yorkes: And you’re only a sophomore in high school, Gert. There’s a reason they call you kids "wise fools."

Page Seven, Panel Three

This is just a shot of Gert, the snarky genius.

6) Gert: Actually, that’s a fake etymology, Dad.

7) Gert: "Sophomore" is derived from "sophist." It has no direct correlation to the Greek word for "fool"… as any fool would know.

Page Seven, Panel Four

And this small panel is just a shot of Mr. Yorkes, rolling his eyes.

8) Mr. Yorkes: Do other parents have to deal with this?


Page Eight

Page Eight, Panel One

Apparently not. Cut to this close-up of Mrs. Dean, mother of Karolina Dean (aka "Lucy in the Sky"). Mrs. Dean is a beautiful movie star in her early forties (think a slightly younger Goldie Hawn). She’s smiling at us.

1) Mrs. Dean: Karolina, you’re an angel!

Page Eight, Panel Two

Pull out to the largest panel of the page to reveal that we’re inside the spacious kitchen of the Dean family. Mrs. Dean has just been joined by her husband, a ruggedly handsome Harrison Ford-type. The two of them are inspecting a tray of vegan Mexican food, which was obviously just prepared by their daughter, Karolina, who’s standing next to an oven in the foreground of this panel. Again, a nice full-figure shot of Karolina should be the focus of this panel. And please don’t forget, Karolina should always be wearing a metallic medical alert bracelet. It's what prevents her from using her alien powers.

2) Overlay in Upper Left-hand Corner (not in a caption box!):

The Dean Residence

6:13 p.m.

3) Mrs. Dean: Look, Frank, she made some tempeh fajitas for the fundraiser tonight.

4) Karolina: I’m not gonna force ‘em on anybody, but the Wilders didn’t really have any vegan stuff at their house last year, remember?

Page Eight, Panel Three

Push in on the parents, as Mr. Dean takes a small bite of the food. Mrs. Dean looks at her husband with surprise.

5) Mr. Dean: Wow, those taste awesome, babe. Just sprinkle a few yeast flakes on there… little trick Basinger taught me when we did The Public Defender together.

6) Mrs. Dean: Get out! Alec told me the same thing during Making Time.

7) Mrs. Dean: God, I can’t believe those two ever split up. Are we the only happy couple in Hollywood?

Page Eight, Panel Four

And this is a cute close-up of Karolina, giving us a pretty little grin.

8) Karolina: Are you kidding? You’re the only happy couple in California.

Page Nine

Page Nine, Panel One

Smash cut to another location for this shot of Mr. Stein PUNCHING his son Chase (aka "Talkback") HARD in the face. The elder Steins are both crazy scientists, so they can look a little dorky. Give ‘em glasses and messy hair (but no lab coats, those come later…).

1) Chase: Uhn!

Page Nine, Panel Two

Pull out to the largest panel of the page to reveal that we’re in the exercise room of the Stein household. We’re in the foreground with Chase, who’s wearing workout attire. He’s turned his back on his parents to feel his injured jaw. Mr. Stein is in the mid-ground of this shot, angrily pointing at his son. Mrs. Stein is in the background, begging her husband to stop.

2) Overlay in Upper Left-hand Corner (not in a caption box!):

The Stein Residence

6:22 p.m.

3) Mrs. Stein: Victor, stop it!

4) Mr. Stein: That’s for talking back. You think straight C’s are funny?

5) Mr. Stein: You’re becoming a dumb jock, Chase. Is that what you want to be, a cliché?

Page Nine, Panel Three

Push in on Chase and Mr. Stein, as Chase turns around to boldly stare down his father.

6) Chase: Well, you’re a nerd who punches like a girl… isn’t that a cliché?

7) Mr. Stein: Keep making jokes, big man. We’ll see how hard you’re laughing after we pull you off lacrosse.

8) Chase: You wouldn’t dare, you little--

Page Nine, Panel Four

Change angles for this shot of Mrs. Stein and her pissed-off son.

9) Mrs. Stein: That’s enough, Chase. Go get dressed. We’ll discuss your future on the way to the Wilders.

10) Chase: Groovy, really looking forward to that chat…

Page Ten

Page Ten, Panel One

Cut to elsewhere for this high-angle downshot (a "parent’s eye view") of little Molly Hayes (aka "Bruiser").

1) Molly: Dad, can we talk about my body?

Page Ten, Panel Two

Pull out to the largest panel of the page to reveal that we’re on the well-lit (it’s getting dark out) driveway of the Hayes family mansion. Dr. Hayes (Molly’s father) is loading two large suitcases into the back of his Porsche (or whatever sports car you feel like drawing, Adrian). But he stops what he’s doing to look down at his curious young daughter. He seems a little shocked and very uncomfortable.

2) Overlay in Upper Left-hand Corner (not in a caption box!):

The Hayes Residence

6:37 p.m.

3) Dr. Hayes: Um, what?

4) Molly: There’s, like, all this gross stuff happening. I tried to talk with Mommy about it, but she said to ask you. ‘Cause you’re a doctor, I guess.

5) Dr. Hayes: But… so is she!

Page Ten, Panel Three

Push in tighter on the two, as Dr. Hayes gets close to his daughter.

6) Molly: Well, I can try looking it up on Google or--

7) Dr. Hayes: No! No, it’s good that you came to me, Molly.

8) Dr. Hayes: Let’s see, you just turned twelve, so--

Page Ten, Panel Four

Change angles on the two. Molly thinks her father is teasing, so she smiles at him. Dr. Hayes awkwardly tries to delay this discussion.

9) Molly: Daaaaad! You know I’m thirteen!

10) Dr. Hayes: Oh. Right.

11) Dr. Hayes: Actually, Molly, how about if your mother and I both sit down with you… but after the party, okay? I really don’t want to be late this year.


Page Eleven

Page Eleven, Panel One

On to our last kid! Cut to elsewhere for this close-up of the father of Nico Minoru (aka "Sister Grimm"). Mr. Minoru is a distinguished Asian man with gray hair and a gray goatee, and he’s wearing an expensive suit. He’s yelling sternly here.

1) Mr. Minoru: We are not going to be late!

Page Eleven, Panel Two

Pull out to the largest panel of the page to reveal that we’re outside the door to Nico’s bathroom (Nico will not be visible on this page!). Mrs. Minoru (a well-dressed middle-aged Asian woman) and Mr. Minoru are standing on either side of this door, which is covered in hand-drawn signs and fliers for some of Nico’s favorite goth bands (feel free to just make some up, Adrian).

2) Overlay in Upper Left-hand Corner (not in a caption box!):

The Minoru Residence

6:49 p.m.

3) Mr. Minoru: Nico, you’ve been in there for three hours! Let’s go!

4) Nico (from behind door): I can’t find my stupid black nail polish!

5) Mrs. Minoru: Oh, sweetie, I threw it away.

Page Eleven, Panel Three

This is just a shot of Mrs. Minoru, as she continues to have a conversation with Nico’s door.

6) Nico (from behind door): What?!

7) Mrs. Minoru: Oprah’s doctor friend said that teens who wear black fingernail polish are more likely to do drugs, so I--

8) Nico (from behind door): Great! Now I have to mix all of my old polish together and try to make black!

Page Eleven, Panel Four

This shot of Mr. Minoru can be framed just like the first panel of this page, but now Nico’s father looks more tired than angry.

9) Mr. Minoru: We’re going to be late, aren’t we?



Page Twelve

Page Twelve, Panel One

Cut to a little later that evening (it’s dark out now) for this page-wide "letterbox" establishing shot of the Wilders’ mansion (maybe something like: this). There are several vehicles parked in the circular driveway, including a limousine, an S.U.V., and Molly’s father’s sports car.

1) Overlay in Upper Left-hand Corner (not in a caption box!):

The Wilder Residence

7:25 p.m.

Page Twelve, Panel Two

Cut inside the Wilders’ big foyer for this largest panel of the page. All of the families are standing around talking (except for the Minorus, who haven’t arrived yet). Alex isn’t in the shot either, so Mrs. Wilder is standing at the base of the foyer’s large staircase, yelling for him to come down. Oh, and we shouldn’t see any maids or butlers, please; the Wilders don’t have servants.

2) Mrs. Wilder: Alex, get down here, please!

3) Mrs. Wilder: We have company!

Page Twelve, Panel Three

We’re behind Alex (cheated so we can see some of his frowning expression), as he reluctantly walks down the stairs to join the party. Chase is smiling at the base of the steps now, and he waves when he sees his only black "friend." Alex and Chase should both be wearing new, slightly dressier outfits now.

4) Chase: Al-ex! What’s happenin’, brother?

5) Alex (icy): Hello, Chase.

Page Twelve, Panel Four

Change angles for this shot of the foyer entrance, as Mr. and Mrs. Minoru finally step inside. Nico is apparently hiding behind them (we can’t see her here), and Mrs. Minoru is looking over her shoulder for her missing daughter.

6) Mr. Minoru: Sorry we’re late, all! Big pile-up on Cliffside.

7) Mrs. Minoru: Nico, stop skulking and say hello.




(one more…)

Page Twelve, Panel Five

Cut over to Alex (now at the bottom of the steps). He looks quietly shocked by what he sees off-panel.

8) Alex (small, awed): Whoa.

Page Thirteen

Page Thirteen, Panel One

Cut over to our first look at Nico for this dramatic three-quarter SPLASH. As her parents step aside, we get a nice full-figure shot of the gorgeous young woman, who’s wearing one of her elaborate Asian-goth outfits (maybe with some sexy boots: She’s also carrying two Prisoner DVDs . Nico’s looking at us a little flirtatiously, but her posture suggests that she’s a bit shy. This needs to be a love-at-first-sight kinda moment, Adrian, so really sell it!

1) Nico: Hey, Alex.

2) Nico: I, um, brought your Prisoner DVDs back. They were amazing.

Page Thirteen, Panel Two

Change angles, as Nico hands the DVDs over to a still-stunned Alex.

3) Alex: They… they were?

4) Nico: Completely. "The Chimes of Big Ben" was insane.

5) Nico: I can’t believe how old that show is, you know? Feels like it’s from the future.



Page Fourteen

Page Fourteen, Panel One

Change angles on the two. Nico smiles at the flustered Alex.

1) Nico: You all right? You look like somebody just walked over your grave or something.

2) Alex: No, it’s just, I mean, you look totally… different.

Page Fourteen, Panel Two

Cut over to elsewhere in the crowded foyer for this shot of Chase and Karolina. Chase is obviously trying to hit on Karolina, but she’s not paying attention. Instead, she screams with glee as she sees her off-panel friend Nico.

3) Chase: So, you doing anything after--

4) Karolina: Nico!

Page Fourteen, Panel Three

Change angles, as Karolina rushes over to greet Nico, inadvertently interrupting her conversation with Alex.

5) Karolina: God, you are so hot. Where’d you get that outfit?

6) Nico: Oh, thanks, Karolina. Actually, I made it…

Page Fourteen, Panel Four

Cut over to elsewhere in the foyer for this shot of Gert and Molly, the two wallflowers. Gert is doing her best to ignore the persistently curious girl.

7) Molly: Gert, can I ask you a question about girl stuff?

8) Gert: Under no circumstances.

Page Fourteen, Panel Five

Cut over to Mr. and Mrs. Wilder, both smiling, for this largest panel of the page. They can be surrounded by a few of the other adults.

9) Mr. Wilder: Well, now that we’re all here, I believe the adults will be retiring to the library for a few hours.

10) Mrs. Wilder: Why don’t you kids hang out in the game room for a bit?

11) Mrs. Wilder: I’m sure you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.



Page Fifteen

Page Fifteen, Panel One

Cut to the game room for this largest panel of the page. The walls are lined with stand-up video games and pinball machines, but the bored kids are all sitting silently on three couches in the middle of the room. These three couches are arranged like a horseshoe: Nico and Gert are on our left, Alex and Karolina are in the middle, and Chase and Molly are on our right.

1) Overlay in Upper Left-hand Corner (not in a caption box!):

The Game Room

8:46 p.m.

Page Fifteen, Panel Two

Cut over to Nico and Gert. Nico is trying to cover her yawn, but Gert is openly bored.

2) Nico: -yawn-

3) Gert: I’ll second that.

Page Fifteen, Panel Three

Cut over to an apologetic Alex and a curious Karolina.

4) Alex: Listen, I know we’d all rather be somewhere else right now, but we’re stuck here for at least another hour, so we might as well try to amuse ourselves.

5) Karolina: So what’s the plan, man?

Page Fifteen, Panel Four

Cut over to Chase and Molly. Chase is slouching and muttering something under his breath, and Molly giggles at the cute boy’s joke.

6) Chase (small, a whisper): Please be beer, please be beer, please be beer…

7) Molly: Hee.

Page Fifteen, Panel Five

This is just an extreme close-up of Alex, looking a little mischievous.

8) Alex: Let’s spy on the ‘rents.


Page Sixteen

Page Sixteen, Panel One

Change angles, as Alex gets up and walks behind Nico and Gert’s couch. They both turn around to talk to him.

1) Nico: How? Our parents always lock themselves away so they can… you know, smoke pot or whatever.

2) Alex: Maybe, but my father’s obsessed with surveillance, and he built all sorts of secret passageways throughout the house to keep an eye on stuff.

3) Gert: Gross.

Page Sixteen, Panel Two

This is just a shot of Alex. As he touches a small button on the back of one of the pinball machines (or something nearby), a door-sized secret panel in the wall suddenly SLIDES open.

4) Alex: Oh, he’s not a peeping tom or anything, just paranoid about security.

5) Alex: My Dad doesn’t know I know, but I found this entrance when I was snooping for Christmas presents a few months ago.

Page Sixteen, Panel Three

Cut over to the other five kids (all standing now) for this largest panel of the page. They should be lined up left to right in the order that they speak: Gert looks skeptical, Nico looks interested, Karolina looks at Nico, Chase looks horny, and Molly (silent here) looks a little scared.

6) Gert: And what, you think it’ll be fun to watch our parents argue about whether or not something’s deductible?

7) Nico: I don’t know, haven’t you ever wondered what they’re like behind closed doors?

8) Karolina: If Nico’s in, so am I.

9) Chase: You sure you guys wouldn’t rather play spin the bottle?

Page Sixteen, Panel Four

And this is just a small shot of Gert, suddenly changing her mind.

10) Gert: Okay then, lame secret passageways it is!


Page Seventeen

Page Seventeen, Panel One

Cut inside one of these unlit passageways for the largest panel of the page. A little time has passed, and all six kids are now feeling their way through the dark corridors.

1) Overlay in Upper Left-hand Corner (not in a caption box!):

The Corridors

9:15 p.m.

2) Molly: This is like the haunted mansion at Disney… only boringer.

3) Alex: Quiet, Molly. I’m pretty sure these walls are soundproof, but I don’t want to take any chances.

Page Seventeen, Panel Two

Change angles for this shot of Alex and Chase. Chase is pointing at what appears to be a window into the Wilders’ empty dining room.

4) Chase: What about these windows, bro? Won’t they be able to see us?

5) Alex: No, they’re actually one-way mirrors.

6) Alex (small, an aside): Or is that two-way? I always forget…

Page Seventeen, Panel Three

Change angles for this shot of Nico and Alex, as she suddenly grabs his hand.

7) Nico: Can I hold onto you, Alex? My night vision stinks.

8) Alex: Uh, yeah, sure.

9) Alex: I think we’re almost at the library, so keep your eyes peeled for--

Page Seventeen, Panel Four

This is just a shot of Alex, as he stops in front of another one-way mirror. We can’t yet see what he’s looking out at, but we can tell that he looks surprised.

10) Alex (small, stunned): What the…?

11) Someone’s Voice (from other side of mirror): Very well, ladies and gentlemen…



Page Eighteen

Page Eighteen, SPLASH

Okay, Adrian, this is our money shot! We’re inside the Wilders’ spectacular home library; bookshelves are everywhere, and they reach to the ceiling. In the middle of this dimly-lit room is a large circular table, around which all of the parents are sitting, except for the missing Mrs. Wilder (it’s okay if some of these parents have their backs to us). Mr. Wilder is wearing his same clothes, and should be at the "head" of this table in the middle of the shot (you might need to make this a slightly high-angle downshot to see him clearly). On the wall behind and above Mr. Wilder is a huge, ornate oval mirror (something like: this. Obviously, the unseen kids are watching from behind this looking glass.

Mr. Wilder should be gesturing to the couple sitting to his right: Karolina’s parents (who are actually alien warlords). These "actors" should now be wearing some kind of matching futuristic spacesuits. Nico’s parents (really sorcerers) should be wearing blood-red hooded cloaks. Chase’s parents (really mad scientists) are now wearing matching white lab coats, and they can be working on a strange box-like piece of Kirby-esque machinery in front of them. Gert’s parents (really time-traveling despots) are wearing flowing capes and maybe ancient metal bands around their foreheads. I’m not sure about Molly’s parents (really evil mutants). Perhaps they could be wearing bondage-inspired masks ( to suggest a connection to groups like the Hellfire Club. Either way, these eleven people all need to look scary, not goofy or campy or "Silver Age."

And again, it’s okay if we can’t totally see all of these parents yet, as long as it’s clear that something strange is going on. This should look like a fucked-up JLA meeting or twisted costume party.

1) Mr. Wilder: …if we’re all satisfied with Frank and Leslie’s plans for our off-world enemies, I suggest we move on to the Pride’s final order of business.


Page Nineteen

Page Nineteen, Panel One

We’re behind Karolina here (cheated so we can see her shocked expression), as she looks through the one-way mirror at her spacesuit-clad parents, who we can see in the background.

1) Karolina: Is… is that my Mom and Dad?

Page Nineteen, Panel Two

Change angles for this largest panel of the page, a shot of Gert, Nico, Alex, and Molly. Gert, Nico and Alex all look surprised, while Molly is getting on her tiptoes to try to see out of the high-off-the-ground one-way mirror.

2) Gert: "The Pride?"

3) Nico: Check out those costumes.

4) Alex: Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?

Page Nineteen, Panel Three

This is just a shot of Chase, deadpanning the line:

5) Chase: Yeah… our parents are totally gay.

Page Nineteen, Panel Four

And this is just a shot of Alex, who actually looks happy for once.

6) Alex: No, Chase.

7) Alex: They’re superheroes.


Page Twenty

Page Twenty, Panel One

Cut back inside the library. This is just a shot of Mr. Wilder, as he suddenly stands.

1) Mr. Wilder: Dear, would you bring out our guest of honor, please?

Page Twenty, Panel Two

Cut over to Mrs. Wilder (still wearing her same outfit from earlier) for this largest panel of the page. She’s standing next to a nearby bookcase, which she OPENS to reveal a hidden entrance to the library. Standing in this entranceway is an attractive18-year-old Caucasian girl we haven’t seen before (she shouldn’t look like any of our other girls, Adrian). We’re not going to say whether or not she’s a prostitute, but her attire suggests that she might be (nothing too provocative, please). The girl looks a little scared.

2) Mrs. Wilder: With pleasure, love.

Page Twenty, Panel Three

Cut back to the other side of the mirror for this shot of Chase and Gert. Chase is grinning, but Gert looks a little grossed out.

3) Chase: Who’s the piece?

4) Gert: Okay, this is starting to get a little Eyes Wide Shut

Page Twenty, Panel Four

Cut over to Alex, Karolina and Molly. Alex is starting to get a little uncomfortable, and he shoots Karolina a look of concern. Molly protests being treated like a baby.

5) Alex: Karolina, I think you better take Molly back to the game room.

6) Molly: But I wanna see the superheroes!

7) Alex: Now.









(one more…)

Page Twenty, Panel Five

This is a shot of Karolina (a little intimidated by stern Alex) taking Molly by the hand. With her free hand, a puzzled Molly pulls a few strands of her own hair in front of her eyes for inspection.

8) Karolina: Um, sure, Alex.

9) Karolina: Come on, Miss Molly, the grown-ups are just putting on a stupid play. Let’s go fix your hair.

10) Molly: What’s wrong with it…?





Page Twenty-one

Page Twenty-one, Panel One

Cut back to the library for this largest panel of the page, a shot of Mr. Wilder sternly addressing Gert’s time-traveling parents. As he does so, Wilder takes the timid 18-year-old "working girl" by the hand.

1) Mr. Yorkes: Is that a working girl, Wilder?

2) Mr. Yorkes: I thought you and your wife only handled drugs and gambling in this town.

3) Mr. Wilder: Local matters are none of your concern, Yorkes. I don’t question what you two do in the fourth dimension.

Page Twenty-one, Panel Two

Cut back to the corridors for this shot of Alex and Nico, both of whom look troubled.

4) Alex: Did… did he say drugs?

5) Nico: Alex, what if they’re not good guys?

Page Twenty-one, Panel Three

Change angles for this shot of Gert, Alex and Chase. Surprisingly defending his abusive parents, Chase lashes out at the accusatory Gert. Alex tries to shut them both up.

6) Gert: Well, duh. I’ve known our parents were evil since I was five. This perverted little gathering just confirms it.

7) Chase: Speak for yourself, freak. My folks are practically saints.

8) Alex: Relax, you two. We still don’t know anything. Maybe that girl is some runaway they rescued…


Page Twenty-two

Page Twenty-two, Panel One

Cut back to the library for this largest panel of the page, a shot of Mr. Wilder, Molly’s telekentic mutant parents, and the increasingly frightened 18-year-old girl. As Wilder gives the signal, Molly’s parents both touch their own temples (like Professor X sometimes does), and the 18-year-old girl’s arms suddenly become outstretched against her will.

1) Mr. Wilder: Dr. Hayes, will you and your husband restrain the girl?

2) Dr. Hayes (the wife): Already on it.

3) Girl: What are you--

Page Twenty-two, Panel Two

Change angles for this shot of Mr. Wilder addressing Chase’s mad scientist parents (now standing). They’re both still fiddling with their strange box-like invention.

4) Mr. Wilder: Does your machine need time to charge, Stein?

5) Mr. Stein: It runs on a self-replicating string of unstable molecules.

6) Mr. Stein: We’re ready when you are.

Page Twenty-two, Panel Three

Change angles again for this shot of Mr. Wilder addressing Nico’s sorcerer father, who has just started reading from an ancient book of spells (Mrs. Minoru can be standing behind him).

7) Mr. Wilder: Then the floor is yours, Mr. Minoru.

8) Mr. Minoru: "Antin krek varin…"

Page Twenty-two, Panel Four

Cut back to the corridors for this shot of a nervous Alex talking to a worried Nico. He doesn’t quite look like he believes what he’s saying here:

9) Alex: Don’t worry, Nico, they’re using their real names.

10) Alex: If they were villains, they’d be calling each other stuff like Red Skull and… and Electro.



Page Twenty-three

Page Twenty-three, Panel One

Cut back to the library for this shot of Mr. Wilder gently stroking the chin of the restrained girl, as he reaches into his jacket for something with his free hand. In the background, Mr. Minoru continues to read from his mystical tome.

1) Mr. Minoru: "Vriik hr nisanti…"

2) Mr. Wilder: I want you to know that you’re helping forge a better tomorrow for our children.

Page Twenty-three, Panel Two

Change angles on the three, as Mr. Wilder suddenly produces a big, scary-looking curved knife from his jacket. The girl’s eyes go wide with terror as she sees it. Mr. Minoru smiles.

3) Mr. Minoru: "Nisanti hr karinn!"

4) Mr. Wilder: On behalf of everyone in the Pride, we truly appreciate your sacrifice.

5) Girl: Wait, you said no--

Page Twenty-three, Panel Three

Change angles for this largest panel of the page, as Mr. Wilder suddenly and forcefully STABS the girl in the heart, nearly lifting her off the ground! Adrian, we should NOT see the knife going in or through the girl! Please frame the two characters so that the action is only strongly implied.


Page Twenty-three, Panel Four

Change angles one last time. Mr. Wilder grins as he looks down at the now-bloody knife in his hand (we can’t see the girl in this shot). Behind him, Chase’s mad scientist parents smile down at their hi-tech invention, which has just begun to GLOW and SMOKE.

7) Mr. Wilder: Welcome, friends, to the end of the world as we--

8) Someone’s Voice (small, from off): Aieeeee--*


Page Twenty-four

Page Twenty-four, Panel One

Pull out to a half-splash of the twelve evil parents, as they all turn to look at the large oval mirror behind them. In the foreground, we can see that the stabbed 18-year-old girl has slumped to the floor, dead (though we shouldn’t see her wound or a gory puddle of blood).

1) Mrs. Stein: What the hell was that?

Page Twenty-four, Panel Two

Cut to the corridors one last time for this other half-splash, a shot of Alex, Nico, Chase, and Gert, all of whom are eerily illuminated by the light coming through the off-panel one-way mirror. Alex is covering Nico’s screaming mouth with his hand; Nico’s eyes are wide as saucers. Chase and Gert are petrified. All four look genuinely horrified by what they’ve just witnessed.


2) Closing Tag: To Be Continued…











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