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ICHT is presently available in the Casa de Cura Villa Preziosa located in Laveno-Mombello. Click Here to see the map. Surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds, Villa Preziosa combines old world charm with modern technology. Most of the guestrooms are double occupancy, so the patient’s companion can stay in the room with the patient. Each room features a private full bath and cable TV with many international channels.




All meals are prepared fresh daily by our Italian chef in the clinic’s kitchen. Patients and their companions have the choice of taking their meals in their rooms or in the dining room overlooking the gardens.


Dining Room

Typical Patient Room


A modern full service laboratory, located on the premises, is available for many types of blood and tissue analysis. Our radiology department is able to perform Cat scans, X-rays, Ultra-sound, Doppler and Arteriogarphy exams.


Guest Lounge


The surgical staff is capable of performing all types laporascapic surgery, plastic surgery as well as normal invasive procedures in the surgery suite. We also have a separate fully equipped operating suite for performing the intra-arterial Catheterization we employ in treating some cancer patients.




Villa Preziosa hosts the Regional Hyperbaric Medicine Facility. This facility is equipped with a 6 and a 12 person chamber. They perform hyperbaric oxygen therapies several times daily.





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