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The new collaborative project rising from the ashes of Adelaide's Fuglemen (recent "Best Hip Hop Act" nominee's at the 3DWorld - Dance Music Awards), comes Reference Point, the resurrection featuring frontman Quro (aka Andrew Bradely) and producer/vocalist Emesyue (aka Mostyn Rischmueller).

Performing and honing their chops over the last twelve months in Sydney and Brisbane, Reference Point fuses sample based production with thickly laced vocal creating something that exceeds the traditional concept of hip hop music.

Drawing on a strong sense of national charactor, from a firm base of musical and lyrical prowess, the duo have recently completed their self-produced debut album 'Save The World' for Pacifica Records. Previous work together has been Quro's 'This Last Week I've ...' album, released in late 1998 and with Emesyue on the help out of the Fuglemen's 'Land and Sea' vinyl release, also in that year.

Now residents of Sydney with strong ties throughout the country, Reference Point have earned recognition and praise for their banging live performances as well as their newly recorded material, anticipated by many as one of the most forward grasping projects of recent years.

'Save The World' features many special guest spots including DJ Katch and Dave Atkins of the Resin Dogs camp, Sloth from Meta Bass n' Breath, and the young up & comer producer/rhymer B.V.A. to name a few It has ten tracks which glide through the dimensions of the duo and their creative take on their world and the sounds around them.

'Save The World' by Reference Point out on Pacifica Records
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Reference Point

Tracklisting - click to download free mp3's
 01_Adelaide  02_Brother Wolf  03_Save The World  04_Stay On Target  05_Clean Slate
 06_Mossman  07_Postcards From Seacliff  08_You're Just Mortal Too  09_Last Night An Aussie Rapper Saved My Life  10_Moseley

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