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Beware:Toxic Mold 
Time Magazine.
Homeowners who "trusted" lifeforms, protest at The Woodlands Rainbow Home Tour.
Concerning mold, stucco, and water intrusion in their homes. 

News and Events

July 11, 2001 [posted April 1999] Crumbling Walls Creating A Stir."The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), representing over 60,000 home builders nation wide, told Dateline that synthetic stucco, even if it meticulously applied and maintained, "Isn't compatible with the existing wood frame construction methods in the United States." They went on to say that homes with synthetic stucco "develops moisture intrusion problems even when properly constructed according to industry standards"

July 10, 2001 Beware:Toxic Mold Is the fungus in your floorboards making you sick? With no clear answers, panic and lawsuits aboundƯ  BY ANITA HAMILTON Time Magazine. The losers are people like Mark and Mary Jane O'Hara of Eugene, Ore. In February they had the local fire department burn their home to the ground after doctors attributed the family's chronic nosebleeds, flulike symptoms and severe headaches to mold.

July 3, 2001 Homeowners from Montgomery County traveled to Austin to testify before the Texas Department of Insurance at a special mold hearing Tuesday. While some insurance agencies have blamed the increasing mold litigation on false claims and public panic, Brunson testified that the increase in mold litigation is the result of increasingly poor building. It is the home builders, Brunson said, who should be held responsible for the recent 

July 3, 2001 Black Mold: Creeping Destruction  It Destroys Houses And Makes Residents Sick AP  (CBS Evening News) The builder has offered to patch the leaks and has a lawsuit of its own against the stucco manufacturer. Says Bruce Cohoon, president of Life Forms, Inc.: "We feel that they're the responsible party here and the applicator of the product and anything we're doing to assist our customers in the remedy of this situation should be borne by them."

May 29, 2001 Toxic molds bring lawsuit from homeowners  By CINDY HORSWELL Houston Chronicle. The two families are among 73 in The Woodlands suing builder Life Form Homes Inc.; a manufacturer, Finestone; and others over a synthetic stucco used on their houses. They point out that since 1999, Village Builders, a builder not involved in the Woodlands case, has spent more than $12.5 million stripping synthetic stucco from more than 350 homes in the Houston area and replacing it. 

May 27, 2001 Home owners protest over black mold ABC 13 Eyewitness News  (5/26/01) ó Black mold is driving families out of their homes in the Woodlands. Seventy homes are infested with the toxic growth which homeowners say is causing illness among them and their children.

May 23, 2001 Fox 26 Houston covers Life Forms Homes story concerning mold. Read about the various issues  with mold on the Toxic Mold page. Also see for information on sythetic stuco.

May 20, 2001 Homeowners Protest Life Forms Homes during The Woodlands Rainbow Tour of Homes. Some of these homeowners found a POT OF MOLD at the end of their rainbow.

May 19, 2001 Make Sure What's at the End of Your Rainbow Isn't a Pot of MOLD! Homeowners in The Woodlands Texas questions builder, Life Forms Homes, about synthetic stucco and mold during a "Rainbow Tour" of homes.

April 23, 2001 House of Mold By Carolyn MungO KHOU TV Houston.  "When you find out that your house is actually endangering the life of your child, you just have to just have to pick up and move." --Alda Brunson Mold related stories from KHOU TV:

Feb 4, 2001 Mold Forces Another Family Out of Their Home By Carolyn Mungo KHOU TV Houston. "The Patterson family is just one of dozens of families who have called us since last night's report to say they have also been evacuated because of toxic mold. "

Feb 7, 2001 Seismic Mold  BY Jason Whitely KHOU TV Houston. The cleaning and repair bill could be in excess of a $100,000.

Feb 14, 2001 Synthetic Stucco information coming soon.

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