AmiZilla Project Continues to Grow

Saturday June 7th, 2003

David Gates ( writes in with an update on the AmiZilla project, which aims to raise a bounty for the first person or team to port Mozilla to Amiga OS. Since we last reported on the effort, the pot has grown to $3,661 and an AmiZilla FAQ and a set of AmiZilla guidelines have been created. In addition, an AmiZilla marketing campaign has been launched to gain publicity for the project and an AmiZilla Yahoo! Group has been set up to help coders collaborate on the port. Finally, the German Amiga Arena site has interviewed Bill Panagouleas, the founder of the project, with some AmiZilla-specific questions towards the end of the article.


submitted by hosking

Sunday June 8th, 2003 09:18:38 AM

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Who cares about Amiga anyway?

Re: Amiga by Bibbl Sun, Jun 08, 2003

Re: Amiga by corwin (profile) Sun, Jun 08, 2003

Re: Amiga by bzbarsky (profile) Sun, Jun 08, 2003

what's with the Amiga?

submitted by miken32

Sunday June 8th, 2003 04:08:40 PM

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I thought the fastest Amiga hardware was based on the 68030 chip that runs at like 40MHz. It's not something I've really paid any attention to though. Were there more hardware offerings for the Amiga platform after the early 1990's? I'm sure some Googling would turn stuff up, but I just can't be bothered on a Sunday afternoon with 35 degree weather!

Re: what's with the Amiga? by Bibbl Sun, Jun 08, 2003

AmigaOne XE G4/800 MHz? by DJGM2002 (profile) Sun, Jun 08, 2003

Re: AmigaOne XE G4/800 MHz? by coffeemonk Mon, Jun 09, 2003

Pegasos ! by nicoppc Mon, Jun 09, 2003

What are people using amiga for?

submitted by cmk

Monday June 9th, 2003 01:20:44 AM

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Is it still graphics and games like in the 80's/early 90's? Are there many programs available for it? Is it owned by a private company? Open source? Do any EOMs build for it? Just courious. It was a fun machine back in the Commador days.

IS it a good idea

submitted by nicoppc

Monday June 9th, 2003 03:21:37 PM

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I really wonder if porting Mozilla on Amiga is a good idead !

1. It will be very hard, very long ! 2. AWeb (an OpenSource AmigaOS browser) needs devellopers 3. Improving AWeb faster (to develop and to use). 4. Mozilla is dannn slow compare to others Amiga browser

Re: IS it a good idea by DJGM2002 (profile) Mon, Jun 09, 2003

Re: IS it a good idea by nicoppc Tue, Jun 10, 2003

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