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Monday Night Raw
August 8, 1994
Beeghly Center at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, OH

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Christopher Robin Zimmerman
Written by: Christopher Robin Zimmerman

The New WWF Generation: Don't schedule any surgery during
Monday Night RAW.

WWF Monday Night RAW, coming to you from the Beeghly Center at
Youngstown State University in Youngstown, OH 8.8.94 (but taped
1.8) and broadcast on the USA Network.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Randy Savage.

The Undertaker v. Butch Banks - Vince all but gives the entire angle
away, if you're paying attention. However he does promise that
"you'll only see [Undertaker vs. Undertaker] one time..." There's a lot
to talk about what with all the preliminaries. Ted DiBiase has just
rocked the WWF since he came back, you know. This can't be the
real Undertaker, 'cause he doesn't use the tombstone piledriver! The
finisher, in case you were wondering, is a simple throat slam.

Leslie Nielsen spans the globe. You know, "Police Squad" was a hell
of a lot funnier. Remember when he met that informant in the
Japanese gardens? Hahahahahaha....

The WWF Sunday Night Slam, which you might have thought was the
SummerSlam Spectacular, will take place on 21 August. The ad
features Typhoon and Lex Luger (huh?)

Let us take you back to last weekend's Luger visit to the Heartbreak
Hotel, where Luger denies having any association with Ted DiBiase.
Shawn Michaels grills him, and Luger admits to meeting with DiBiase,
hearing a lucrative offer, but you know he hasn't sold out...

Lex Luger v. Chad Miller- Just to confuse you, Ted DiBiase comes out
and makes some hand motions, waves some cash, then leaves.

Promos: ICOPRO (Ramon), GI Joe, Super Street Fighter 2

"USA...USA" The camera's caught up with DiBiase, who gives another
vague interview. Vince won't shut up, but stops short of saying he's
turned (although he does say "I'm not saying it's gonna happen"
which always lends credence to the opposite). Oh yeah, there's a
match in here too. Luger wins with the forearm shiver (would a
good guy use that elbow?).

Todd Pettengill with *your* SSR, delivered to you by Domino's Pizza.
The entire card has been announced! That huge main event, of
course consists of Undertaker/Undertaker and Hart/Hart in a steel
cage. In an intercontinental title match, Diesel takes on Razor Ramon.
Let us take you back one week, where Diesel interferes in Ramon's
matchup with Shawn Michaels, resulting in Michaels winning by
pinfall. Ramon seems to have figured out that he needs someone to
watch his back. And he got....yes, Walter Payton. Lex Luger takes on
Tatanka in a Land of Confusion match. The last three matches are:
Alundra Blayze vs. Bull Nakano in a Women's Title match, Mabel vs.
Jeff Jarrett, and in a Tag Team Title match, the Head Shrinkers take
on Bam Bam Bigelow & Irwin R. Schyster. Speaking of which...

Bam Bam Bigelow & Irwin R. Schyster v. Doink & Tatanka - Irwin
tells the crowd that Money, Incorporated is alive and well, and the
Corporation is still growing... let's take an ad break.

As is often the case, the heels come out united, but the faces egos can
only be gratified when they enter separately. Tatanka's got the war
paint on! Irwin and Tatanka start. Lockup, Irwin takes charge and
quickly gets a 2 count. Tatanka pback up, but Irwin with a whkip
into the corner. He misses a charge and Tatanka chops for a while.
Whip hard into the turnbuckle. Tatanka grabs IRS by the tie and
whips him over. 2 count. Arm bar by Tatanka. Tag to Doink.
Resume arm bar. Whip, dueling hip tosses, Irwin wins. Kick out by
Doink, some more seesaw action, and in comes Bigelow. Drop toe
hold by Doink. To the ropes, and Doink catches Bigelow, then is
smart enough to duck the ghetto blaster. Doink puts on a Paynekiller
(says Joe) but Bigelow holds fast. Tag to Tatanka who comes in with
a chop to the arm. Dropped leg on the arm. Arm bar. Bigelow
finally gets out, whips and shoulderblocks Tatanka. Bigelow with a
missed clothesline. Tatanka with a high cross body for 2. Tatanka
with a clothesline, and another. Bigelow is down to one knee.
Tatanka goes for another, IRS pulls the rope, Tatanka doesn't notice
and hits the clothesline for 2. Bigelow throws Tatanka out (that's
where he was supposed to go anyway) and we take an ad break.

When we come back, Tatanka has come back. IRS punches Doink,
bringing him in, distracting the ref and bringing in Bigelow to cheat.
When all is said and done, IRS has Tatanka in a chinlock...but his leg
is quivering... Elbow out, but Bigelow is tagged in. Whip,
shoulderblock by Bigelow. Both men attempt a flying body press and
they collide. Who will tag first? Bigelow tags, and Tatanka tags.
Doink is a house o' fire! Down goes IRS! Big powerslam! 1, 2, nope,
Bigelow saves him. Tatanka comes in and distracts the ref. Bigelow
gives a huge kick from behind and Doink is out. One Writeoff later,
the heels have a cheap win over the clown. Doink is quickly disposed
of, making room for the angle. After doing some general pounding
on Tatanka, who should come out but Lex Luger. The ring is cleared,
but before Tatanka can wake up and thank him, Ted DiBiase walks
into the ring and forces a stack of bills into Luger's hand. Meanwhile,
Bigelow makes a move for Tatanka, who backs into Luger. He turns
around, and sees Luger with a stack of bills...can you see where this
is going? To make it look even more incriminating, Bigelow places
himself in such a way to suggest that he is holding Luger back. Let's
welcome in that semi full of WWF officials.

Hype for next week's big match: The 1-2-3 Kid vs. Owen Hart II.

The King's Court with the King of Harts, who comes out with (shock!)
Jim Neidhart. He does some ranting and raving like you'd expect.
Clips of the Royal Rumble and King of the Ring chronicle Owen's rise
to the top. Owen announces that the Hart family has jumped on that
Owen bandwagon. The King is slightly skeptical about one particular
Hart, though, and brings out Bruce Hart. TWELVE children in the
Hart family, ok? Out comes Bruce, his big quote is "That's a bunch of
CRAP!" Hell, he's a better interview than Owen! Jim starts to say
something, but Bruce interrupts him too. That Bruce, man, he's come
a long way from "not even being a real Hart" two years ago (after
siding with the British Bulldog at SummerSlam '92).

Promos: Spiderman Maximum Carnage, Zenith Audio, Mortal Kombat

As we go to commerical, we get that picture of Bob Backlund staring
at his hands. Joe suggests his new nickname could be Bob "I've-got-
ten-fingers!" Backlund.

The Old, The New. The New WWF Generation!

Bob Backlund v. Kevin Krueger - "There's a new generaation in the
WWF, and this man is not part of it!" Bob seems to have some scorn
for the fans who aren't too happy with him. Bob offers the hand but
Krueger won't shake it. Backlund seems a little more animated with
his Opie shuffle this week...anyway, this is a pretty boring match (no
change), with the addition of a "We want Bret" chant which *Krueger*
leads, like it would mean anything to him. Backlund climbs the
ropes, faces the crowd and does a big "NOOOOOOOO!" Krueger fails to
jump him from behind. Finally, Backlund has had it with this crowd.
He puts the chickenwing on Krueger and it's over. Of course, he
doesn't hear the bell, and when he *does* break the hold, he looks at
his hands again. Joe does an imitation of Backlund counting his
fingers...ok, it's funny.

Next week: Kid/Hart, the King's Court with Ted DiBiase and Paul

Our cameras have caught up with Luger, who is making his way into
DiBiase's dressing room. Nikolai Volkoff gives him the buddy
treatment, but Luger is angry. He wants to speak to DiBiase now. Of
course, Tatanka just happens to barge in and see Luger with Volkoff.
As he cries "Turncoat!" we fade out.

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