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November 08, 1993
Taped 11/08/93 at the Fernwood Resort, Bushkill, PA

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Christopher Robin Zimmerman
Written by: Christopher Robin Zimmerman

Hype for tonight's B0rga/Steiner match. Tatanka getting a drubbing is
shown. Silhouette interviews.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Bobby "the Brain" Heenan, and a returning
Macho Man Randy Savage. Heenan is wearing a parachute to show you how live
this is. Savage promises that all hell's gonna break loose if Crush shows
up and wrestles. Vince plugs tonight's voteline. Who should Quebecer
Pierre's opponent be? The 1-2-3 Kid? Doink? Marty Jannetty? Or maybe Lex

Ludvig B0rga v. Scott Steiner - B0rga jumps him, wotta shock. Kidney
punches send Steiner to the canvas. Clothesline. Borga to the top and
flying clothseline down. Kidney punch amid "USA" chant. Steiner with
modified powerbomb when Borga puts his head down. Steiner with abdominal
stretch into slam, and Borga takes a trip outside the ring. Savage, who
hasn't done any commentary, continues to mouth off about Crush during the
lull. Borga finally comes back in and applies a headlock. Steiner counters
with a belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner puts *his* head down and Borga
punches away. Borga with flying clothesline for 2. Bodyslam. Missed
elbow. Steiner with (weak) dropkick, but the Finn still goes outside. As
if on cue, the Quebecers come out to cheer their teammate on. Let's take an
ad break.

The Packers are still losing, by the way.

Steiner with a suplex as we come back. Steiner with Boston Crab (!), and
out comes Rick Steiner to cheer on his brother. Borga: I said NO!!!!
Slowly, Borga inches over to the rope, and makes it. Whip into the rope,
but Steiner puts up a boot. Steiner for 2. Small package by Steiner for 2.
Borga with powerslam for 2. Borga punches Steiner out of the ring. Borga
has a nosebleed, by the way. Steiner attempts to reenter the ring, but is
met with more Borga fists. For no particular reason, Rick jumps up onto the
ring. Borga brings him in the hard way and suplexes him, much to the
crowd's delight. Suddenly, the five man brawl is on, as well as the double
DQ. Of course, the Steiners get the better end of the deal, as lots of WWF
officials put space between the All-Americans and the Non-Americans. Savage
is still pretty quiet, by the way, just how I like him.

Voteline plug.

Jeff Jarrett spiel.

Savage again threatens Crush. I guess we'll hear about this all hour.

Green Bay is toast.

Men on a Mission (from God) v. Steve Smith & Cory Student. Oscar raps
completely out of time, and no one notices. Vince *again* warns Savage
about violating certain clauses in his commentator's contract by
interference, and Savage basically badmouths Jack Tunney, WWF President.
Did I mention that M.O.M. win? OK, they do.

Promos: ICOPRO (Ramon), GI Joe, Electronic Talking Battleship ("Yeah!")

Todd Pettengill with *your* SSR. Two main events, you know. Todd's using
his booming DJ voice, I might add. One ME: All-Americans v. Foreign
Fanatics. This weekend, we'll find out the replacement for Tatanka. The
other main event is the Hart Family vs. The King & His Knights. Bret Hart
interview, he's an angry young man, you know. Perfect, Ramon, Kid, Jannetty
vs. Bomb, Diesel, Schyster, and Martel. Bigelow, Booger, Head Shrinkers vs.
Doinks. Let us take you back to WWF Superstars, where two Doinks take over
the video wall, much to the Head Shrinkers' consternation. SMW Tag Team
Title Match.

Vince hypes the Voteline, saying Luger is in the lead.

The Undertaker tells us that drinking and driving is bad. Now I'll NEVER
forget it.

The Model Rick Martel v. (The Pope) John Paul - Hey, the atomizer is back!
Whoopee! Vince speculates that maybe the Macho Man might be a good
replacement on the All-American team. Heenan suggests Bernie Kosar might be
a better replacement. The Martel/Ramon IC rematch is hyped (on
Superstars...hmm, must be a sweeps month). Martel demonstrates the
*correct* way to apply a Boston Crab.

Voteline hype. Luger is WAY ahead.

Crush is next, and Savage postures for us.

Heenan interviews the Quebecers. Jacques says it doesn't matter who wins
the voteline, Pierre will take care of him.

Crush v. Dan Dubiel - Vince tries to restrain Savage as Crush is announced.
Amazingly, Savage THROWS McMAHON TO THE GROUND and takes off, landing on
Crush. They go at it while a stadium full of WWF officials valiantly but
unsuccessfully attempts to break them apart. When Vince manages to shake
the cobwebs loose and get back on the mic, he proclaims Savage "a lunatic."
Dubiel watches from the ring with bemused interest, but stays out of it.
Smart jobber. The match never takes place, so I'd say Dubiel wins by DQ.

The Greatest Wrestler Alive, Barry Horowitz v. Bob Backlund - Geez, this
Backlund guy sure looks familiar. Fortunately, Savage comes back, taking
the camera off this exciting mat wrestling action. We learn that Crush has
been locked in his dressing room. As if on cue, we cut to a shot of Crush
breaking through his dressing room door. Savage takes off AGAIN, and we see
Crush choking Earl Hebner, who won't let him get to Savage. It's all
academic as Crush and Savage hook up again. Completely ignoring the match
in the ring, we take an ad break.

When we come back, we learn that SAVAGE has been locked out of the building.
No mention of Horowitz destroying Backlund, which is what happened, I'm

Promos: "New" WWF Figures, Electronic Hot Shot Basketball, Dual Turbo

By a landslide, Luger has won the voteline and will face Quebecer Pierre
next week. How nice to know that they didn't count West Coast votes again.
We cut to an exterior camera, where Crush and Savage...well, you know.

Other news: The Survivor Series Showdown will take place 20 November at 7pm
EST/PST. Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna for the WWF Championship has been annouced.
Hold on to your hats.

Christopher Robin Zimmerman, that RAW guy

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