President Carter described Camp David as truly beautiful, with the cottages which are all named after trees and paths snuggled on the top and down one side of a small mountain and sheltered by a thick growth of stately oak, poplar, ash, locust, hickory and maple trees. A security fence encompasses about 125 acres of rocky terrain, and the close proximity of the living quarters engenders an atmosphere of both isolation and intimacy, conductive to easing tensions and encouraging informality. A few golf carts and bicycles are available but most of the people choose to walk among the cottages.

We travel a couple of hundred yards and come to a cross road. Turn left. This leads to a clearing of about 8 acres.

Aerial view of the heliport 1958
(photo courtesy Dwight D. Eisenhower Library U.S.Navy)

This is outside of the camp fence that was built during the Roosevelt years and in 1955 there was a small clearing where the crew played soft ball. This clearing was enlarged during the Eisenhower years and a hanger and skeet range added.

President Eisenhower testing the new range.
(Photo courtesy DDE Library)

Vice President Bush practicing his skills on the skeet range.
(Photo courtesy U.S. Navy)

Vice President Bush with son Jeb(now Governor of Florida) and marines,John Anna and Mike Miller. The VP seldomed missed the clay birds. Later Jeb narrowly escaped injury when the barrel of a Remmington shotgun exploded.

The introduction of the helicopter with a 30 minute trip from the White House, has made the Camp more accessible to the President. FDR made 22 trips to Shangri-La, President Reagan made 187 to Camp David.

Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his wife Nancy enjoy the visit of a deer at the Camp David tarmac as Indonesian Pres. Suharto prepares to depart. July 5, 1975 (Photo courtesy of Ford Library)

President Eisenhower and French President DeGaulle being "piped aboard"April 16, 1960.
(Photo courtesy of Eisenhower Library)

President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair are "piped aboard" Feb. 23, 2001. Part of the skeet range is visible to the left. (Photo courtesy of the White House)