Adam Stewart

1971 - 2002


Adam Stewart wrote and directed Apollo 11 in May 2002. He died on August 28th 2002. He was 31 years old.

Adam lived and worked in London after studying Graphics at Hull University. He began directing music videos when he was 24 and moved on to directing commercials, TV, and Internet virals.

During his too brief life he directed for the likes of Oasis, the BBC, Channel 4, Umbro, Abbot Mead Vickers, BBH, Ogilvy… but this is not a CV, and it is not his credits we miss - it is him.

In the last year and a half he made 3 virals with us. It is testament to him that 'Headrush' and 'Gift' are consistently rated as the most popular virals on the Internet and have been seen and enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Adam died of a severe allergic reaction to something he ate. He had just secured new deals in the UK and in Los Angeles and the future looked exciting. He will be remembered for his warmth, generosity, humour, vision and talent. The world is a shitter place without him.

If you knew him, or knew his work and have enjoyed it, then post an email here to share with his colleagues, family and friends.

If you want to find more about the cause of his death then visit (and donate!) to The Anaphylaxis Society.