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432: Cosmic Key
432:Cosmic Key
A compendium of fact, theory and speculation relating to the number 432, and its primary divisors and multiples - 108, 216, 864, 1296; and also the number 9 - being the sum of digits 4+3+2; with excursions into many other mysterious and exotic phenomena.

*The speed of sound in granite is 1,296 feet per second.
*Geological paradoxes explained by acoustic fluidization.
*Sound effects at Chichen Itza.
et al

*Radial and bilateral symmetry of living organisms.
*Facial ornamentation of bats.
*Diatoms, rotifers and radiolaria.
*Turgidity in plants.
et al

*Maya ball games and stone equipage.
*Basque trade in beaver pelts.
*Dogons and Sirius B
*Silphion plant of Cyrene.
*Tungsten spirals in alluvial deposits.
et al

*Magnetic current theory of Edward Leedskalnin.
*Levitating magnetic spinning top.
*Transmission on the 432Mhz band.
et al

*432 as square root of the speed of light.
*Solar system ratios as 864, 216, 25920
*Height ratio of the Great Pyramid
et al

*Buddhas at Borobudur number 432.
*432,000 year cycles of the yugas of the Bhagavad-Gita
*800 warriors and 540 doors of Valhalla et al

*Legends of transport of megalithic stones by acoustical means.
*Coral Castle in Florida, USA.
*Anomalies in the landslide power law.
et al

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