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Welcome to The GTA Place. The place where you will find almost everything to do with Grand Theft Auto. We have a new layout so check the whole site out and tell me what you think. We also have some new message boards so check them out and don't forget to register.


Big Thanks to VCDL for the cool new banner


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June 14th, 2003:

Finally after two weeks of trying to get my Vice City Toplist thing sorted out they've finally fixed my account and the image is now displaying in the section above right. I dunno what they did but they f'd up my account so I couldn't login. Anyway be sure to vote for us.


June 8th, 2003:

Changed the layout slightly and added an introduction for new people to the site. Every single page on the site is now up to date and should be working fine now and some new pages are coming soon.


June 7th, 2003:

Yay, managed to get and this will now be our permanent home. After a bit of complicated stuff i've managed to transfer the New Message Boards across to the new server so I can delete them off lycos and they wont have that stupid ugly banner down the right hand side


June 4th, 2003:

Well this is the new layout so far, hopefully i'll get some of the other pages up soon. You can say what you think about this new layout in the shoutbox.


June 1st, 2003:

I got a shoutbox today which you can try and test out on the menu to the left, fixed a few problems with the font downloads and changed a few other things.


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