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Posted 9 Jun 2003 01:21:05 UTC

After an absence of nearly a year, the irc.2600.net service has been restored thanks to the efforts of volunteers who were determined to see the hacker communications network succeed.

Much of what previously existed has been restored including channels and registered nicks. To use the network, simply connect your IRC client to irc.2600.net.

Channels are available for 2600 chapters in the following format:

#XX2600 where XX is the two-letter state code.
#2600YY where YY is the two-letter country code.

For instance, #ca2600 is the 2600 channel for California while #2600ca is the 2600 channel for Canada. These, along with the main #2600 channel, are "official" channels meaning that they follow a certain set of guidelines in addition to their naming format. More specific information can be found on the server.

As always, non-2600 channels can be run in any way its members choose. We hope to see many people from all over take advantage of this network.

If you have comments, suggestions, complaints, or offers of help, bandwidth, equipment, etc. please contact us through the network. Full details can be found on the server.

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