Bill and Becky

June 3, 2003

Note: Bill and I had planned to move from our workshop in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for quite some time. We had planned the move for August 15, 2003. However, a fire in our building triggered the sprinkler system causing some damage in our unit. Therefore, we decided to accelerate our move asap. ( For more information, read What's New ) We have moved our equipment in a tempory place to start immediate production. Until we move to our permanent place, please use the following address for all correspondence:

Bill Lawrence Designs
2276 Griffin Way, Suite 105
PMB 189
Corona, CA 92879
Tel: 909-737-5853 / Fax: 909-737-7834
Toll-Free: 877-647-2651.

or you can e-mail us at:

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