Hi, I'm Kevin Maas. My years as a New York Yankee were among the best in my life, but now I've found something just as fulfilling. It's called Positive Return.™

We help financially distressed people quickly and intelligently turn their debts into investments. Make no mistake about it, we are not a conventional credit-counseling or debt-consolidation company. And we're not just interested in helping people reduce their debt.

Positive Return's unique strategies have helped thousands of Americans erase their debt in two years or less, and immediately start realizing their dreams by becoming investors with a financial plan.

Credit-card debt, bankruptcies and tax deficiencies are skyrocketing in the U.S., and so is our business. That's why, as regional director for Positive Return™, I'm looking to partner with a few serious, qualified and motivated people who have - or are willing to develop - a championship mindset.

If you want to supplement your current income, get more out of life by helping people, or spend more time with your family by working from home, take a look at Positive Return.™. It not only has a unique business-distribution model, it offers lucrative commissions to its consultants.

That income is a real draw for me, but I also treasure the time this business allows me to spend with my family. Time - that's something you can never get back.

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Take it from me, this is a "gateway" opportunity to join a growing company that has a unique business model. Positive Return™ is rooted in the ideals of honesty and integrity. Its consultants love making a living by helping people through the most distressing times of their lives.

So take a closer look at this website, and the services we provide. If you've got what it takes to be a success, give me a call and we'll talk about joining Positive Return's winning team. Call me toll-free at 1-877-522-3996.

Get Your Life Back!
Positive Return's™
eight years of experience can settle and eliminate your debt FAST in just 1-2 years for as little as 50% of your outstanding balance including ALL our fees. You pay effectively ZERO interest without new loans, bankruptcy, or credit counselors.

For example, we usually settle your $20,000 debts for $10,000 in only 12-24 months. That's all you owe!

We work for YOU.
We are NOT a debt consolidation company or a credit counseling service. These agencies work for your creditors and may earn a percentage of what you pay to your creditors. Those who utilize consolidation/credit counseling services are expected to pay back 100% of what is claimed against them via monthly payments PLUS pay additional interest and fees. This can increase your overall debt, can put you in a more severe financial situation and may damage your credit profile. For example, your $20,000 debt would take 5-7 years to pay off and cost you more than $30,000 in principal and interest.

Yes, I would like more information on this financial wellness business opportunity!

I need this service!

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Slash your Principal balance up to 50% or more!
Pay about 1/2 what you owe including ALL fees!
Without Loans ... Bankruptcy ... or Credit Counselors
Debt Free in 1-2 Years!
Pay ZERO interest, effectively & legally
Restore & Rebuild credit years ahead of other programs!
Stop creditors' harassing phone calls!

No new loans, no bankruptcy, no credit counselors!

Debt is painful.
For the past 8 years we have helped thousands of individuals
and families ELIMINATE the burden of debt
and allowed them to enjoy more productive and happy lives.
We can do the same for you.

Free Consultation!

Thank you taking the time to consider this business opportunity.


877-522-3992 Toll-Free
877-522-3996 Fax

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