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SEARCC Silver Jubilee Golf Tournament

International Schools' Software Competition

International Micromouse Competition


SEARCC Silver Jubilee Golf Tournament

Where? Akarana Golf Club, Auckland
This is a world class Golf Club, close to the centre of Auckland. The Course itself is mature, beautifully laid out, and known to be challenging as well as delightful, to play.

When? Monday November 26th 2001, - morning.

Who is eligible to enter?
All SEARCC 2001 delegates are eligible to enter and have their scores recorded.

Determining the winner?
This is a country versus country competition. As many delegates as you wish from each SEARCC country may enter. The top three scores from each country (taking handicaps into consideration), will be taken, summed, and become the official Tournament scores for that country. The lowest summed score will determine the winning country team.

The Prize? The SEARCC Silver Jubilee Cup, which will be presented to the winning team, at the Conference dinner.
NB There will be personal awards for each member of the winning team, and to the members of the second and third placed teams.

Entry Fee? NZ$112.50 including transport to/from the course, green fees, drinks during play and lunch at the end of the tournament.
NB The fee is the same for partners/spouses participating.
Golf clubs @ NZ$40.00 per set, two-person carts @ NZ$30.00 and trundlers @ NZ$3.00, may be hired if desired.

How to enter?
Include your entry details and handicap on the SEARCC 2001 Conference Registration Form; and the entry fee with your total Conference Registration Fee.
NB Partners/spouses who wish to play must also be included on this form. Equipment hire needs can be identified at time of Registration, and paid directly to the Golf Club on arrival for the competition.


International Schools' Software Competition

In 1989, SEARCC instituted a regional schools software competition to foster the development of computer competence among young people in the region. The competition, which is run under international competition rules, is held annually in conjunction with the SEARCC Conference, and is open to students not more than 17 years of age. It also provides opportunities for the young people of the region to acquire a better awareness of the culture, life-style and aspirations of each other's country, thereby contributing to better understanding in relationships for future generations.

All teams must come from SEARCC countries, and be endorsed by the national Computer Society of their home country. The SEARCC Conference host country provides board for the competition teams and chaperones during the competition/Conference period.

Registration must be done through the respective country's national Computer Society, from where it will be forwarded to NZCS as the host Society for the SEARCC2001 Conference.

More information is available... or you can contact Roberta Budvietas by sending an email to:

Planned SEARCC Competition Schedule

Monday 26th November

Meet competitors at airport take to UNITEC, Communal dinner at UNITEC 7.00pm

Tuesday 27th November

Breakfast at UNITEC 8.00am
Attend Conference opening - bus to Sky City
Return to UNITEC at noon for lunch
Practice competition in labs 1.00pm - 3.30pm
Micro Mouse Competition 4.00pm - 7.00pm
Joint dinner at UNITEC with Executive 7.30pm

Wednesday 28th November
Breakfast at UNITEC 8.00am
Competitions 9.00am - 11.00am
Free afternoon, bus to Sky City 12.00pm
Return to UNITEC from Sky City to dress for dinner 5.00pm
Bus to Sky City for dinner (business dress - formal) 6.45pm - late

Thursday 29th November

Breakfast at UNITEC 7.00am
Tour somewhere in NZ (includes packed lunch & dinner out) 8.00am - 8.00pm

Friday 30th November
Breakfast at UNITEC 7.30am
Airport for departure



International Micromouse Competition

The aim of the SEARCC Micromouse Competition, inaugurated during the SEARCC96 Conference, is to expose our youth and the general public to automation and robotics in a way that is both fun and easy to relate to. It is hoped that this will assist in developing an automation culture in the SEARCC member countries.

The objective of the competition is to build a Micromouse, a small microprocessor-controlled robot vehicle that is able to navigate its way through an unknown maze. It searches for the quickest path from the start to destination points in the maze, then negotiates the path in the shortest possible time.

Each SEARCC country will be allowed to send a maximum of two (2) teams with one (1) chaperone. Each team may consist of up to two (2) students.

Registration must be done through their respective country's Computer Society, from where it will be forwarded to NZCS as the host Society for the SEARCC2001 Conference.

Students must be under twenty-three (23) years of age on 1st January 2001, (that is, born on or after 1st January 1978). There is no lower age limit.

More information is available... or you can contact Jacky Baltes by sending an email