God's Law and Society, a newly released video, produced by Reel to Real Ministries, features 16 noted Christian leaders and scholars, each an expert in applying the Ten Commandments to American life!

God's Law and Society gives biblically sound teaching in a two-tape, four-hour series, divided into ten parts - a perfect format for group instruction as well as personal Bible study!

This provocative teaching video will help you form a comprehensive biblical worldview on God's Law. The ten short 20-minute programs feature answers to thought provoking questions, such as:

* Are we under Law or under Grace?

* How does the Old Testament Law apply today?

* Can we legislate morality?

* What about the separation of church and state?

* Was America founded as a Christian nation?

* What would a Christian America look like?

Speakers include: R.C. Sproul Jr., Randall Terry, George Grant, Howard Phillips, Kenneth L. Gentry, Gary DeMar, Jay Grimstead, R.J. Rushdoony, Andrew Sandlin, Stephen McDowell, Robert Schenk, Steve Schlissel, Phillip Vollman, Monte Wilson, Doug Wilson, and Jeff Ziegler.

Two tapes, ten parts, over four hours of instruction. Price: $39.95

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The Second American Revolution

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God's Law and Society

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Two tapes, ten parts, over four hours of instruction!

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