Spectacular Feathered Dinosaurs from

Boban Filipovic

Microraptor group

    Boban Filipovic is a paleontology student at Belgrade University in Yugoslavia (Serbia). He recently contacted Dinosaur Art and Modeling and shared some very interesting photos of sculpts of a variety of feathers dinosaurs. I think they are terrific. I don't know if he is building for museums or for private collectors and hobbyists. Perhaps both. I'll include a number of images for your enjoyment. Contact him via email: bfilip@ptt.yu

Below are some new works of feathered dinosaurs such as Cryptovolans pauli, Caudipteryx zoui

Microraptor zhaoianus, Liaoxiornis delicates, Sinornithosaurus, and Sinosauropteryx prima. 

Caudipteryx1.jpg (36997 bytes)

DAVE-SINORNITHOSAURUS2.jpg (39764 bytes)

Liaoxiornis-delicates.jpg (28476 bytes)

Microraptor-gui-(Cryptovol.jpg (42481 bytes)

Microraptor-gui-3.jpg (35729 bytes)

Microraptor-zhaoianus2.jpg (24551 bytes)

Sinosauropteryx-3.jpg (34477 bytes)

Sinosauropteryx-4.jpg (46928 bytes)

Sinosauropteryx-adult1.jpg (22390 bytes)

Sinosauropteryx-adult--juv.jpg (26884 bytes)

Sinosauropteryx--Eomaia-1.jpg (40978 bytes)

Sinosauropteryx-juvenile-1.jpg (34229 bytes)


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