Triple H: ĎI enjoy Hell in a Cellí

DALLAS Ė June 16, 2003 Ė One day after he retained the World Heavyweight Championship in a Hell in a Cell with Kevin Nash, Triple H spoke with How are you feeling?

Triple H: Better than expected. Iíve said in interviews before, this is the type of match where you kind of just survive. When itís all done, you just hope for the best. If you can come away without a permanent injury or something thatíll nag you down the road, you did alright. Right now, I feel alright. Iíve got a lot of lumps and knobs on my head, and Iím kind of sore. But I donít feel like I injured myself in any way. Youíve got a lot of scratches on your forehead.

Triple H: Yeah, I got a lot of blood. Iíve got a lot of cuts that you canít see. I have some on my forehead, but Iíve got a lot that you canít see from the barbwire. But you elected not to have stitches?

Triple H: Yeah. Sometimes stitches can be worse almost. If you can get the bleeding to stop, which it did Ė it took about a half hour to get it to stop Ė then you can Steri strip it closed and hope for the best. So far itís stayed closed, so thatís good. A lot of times if itís still bleeding the next day, Iíll stitch it then. But it seems to be OK. What did you think about the match?

Triple H: I was happy with it. Itís not up to me to decide, I guess. But as far as the fansí standpoint, for the RAW stand-alone pay-per-view, I think we delivered. I feel that it was a success. Would you say that you were feeling slightly more pressure to perform given that it was the first brand-specific pay-per-view?

Triple H: Not necessarily more pressure to perform, but some people looked at that show and said, ďWell, itís half the rosterĒ compared to what they were normally getting on a pay-per-view. My thing is, itís not that youíre going to get to see half the guys. Youíre going to get to see the guys really perform. And thatís what we did. We all took pride in the fact that this was our pay-per-view. When you look at the two groups right now of the brand extension and you say, ďWell, thereís two different shows, but itís all the same companyĒ Ė itís really not. We donít see the guys. We donít see anybody from SmackDown! until weíre around them. And now with the pay-per-view split, a month ago when everybody saw each other, it was, ďSee you at SummerSlam.Ē Itís three or four months away. It really is like two different companies. That creates a lot of pride.

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