Dassault Mirage III

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Mirage IIID A3-115

Mirage IIID A3-115 in ARDU colours, at RAAF Edinburgh, SA open day, 20 Oct. 2002. (J. Burford)

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Mirage IIIO A3-2, ARDU Mirage IIIO A3-2, ARDU Mirage IIIO A3-40, 75 Sqn Mirage IIIO A3-40, OC Williamtown Mirage IIIO A3-42, 76 Sqn. Mirage IIIO A3-43, 76 Sqn. Mirage IIIO A3-45, 77 Sqn. Mirage IIIO A3-51, 2 OCU Mirage IIIO A3-51, Pt. Cook Museum Mirage IIIO A3-72, 77 Sqn. Mirage IIIO A3-99, 3 Sqn. Mirage IIID A3-102, 2 OCU Mirage IIID, 2 OCU Mirage detail images - A3-16 Mirage markings page

Dassault Mirage III-O

Replacing the Sabre, the Mirage was the RAAF's first supersonic aircraft, being selected over the F-104 Starfighter, F-5 Freedom Fighter, the Phantom II and the English Electric Lightning. From the third Mirage, the aircraft were assembled in Australia from French components. From then on, Australian content increased until from A3-16 the Mirage III's were effectively Australian built. 100 Mirage III-O's were delivered to the RAAF, and 16 Mirage III-D's. The last public flights of RAAF Mirage aircraft were in September 1988 at the Bicentennial Air Show at Richmond, NSW, and a few weeks later, at Avalon air show. The following February, A3-101 made the last official flight into storage. In 1990, fifty were sold to the Pakistan Air Force.

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