When you die,
        you meet the old hag,
        and she eats your scars.
If you have no scars,
        then she eats your eyeballs,
        and you're blind in the next life.
- Carved on a bus bench on Hawthorne

He's a woman, she's a man What's so hard to understand? --Robbie Robertson

Anais Nin once wrote in her diary, "And the day came when the risk it took to remain closed in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Here's our space to blossom. This site is where you can let your petals explode past the tight boundaries of "male/female, yes/no, on/off."

Sphere is a listserv for people who bend even the boundaries of transgenderism. It's a bunch of people who identify as both genders, or no gender, or third-gendered... I'm trying to think if I forgot any possibilities :-) We'll share what it's like to be queerer than queer, discuss how we fit into trans and other communities, fight the good activist fight, and tell cool stories about our genderfucked experiences.

We take our name from the idea that gender isn't a dichotomy (where there's either male or female) or a continuum (where there's a rainbow of stuff in between, all in a line and all related to male or female) but a sphere, where male and female are just two of an infinite number of possible points and you can be anywhere on, inside, or outside, the gendered world.

To sign up, email majordomo@groups.queernet.org and say "Subscribe sphere (your email address)." There are no requirements for membership.

"Thou pimp of gender!" - Robert Burns

"We're trained to see only male or female and to plot people into those categories when they actually don't fit neatly at all. But if we pause, watch and listen closely we'll see the multiplicity of ways in which people are sexed and gendered. There exists a range of personal identifications around woman, man, in-between--we don't even have names or pronouns that reflect that in between place but people certainly live in it."
-- Minnie Bruce Pratt

"It's mostly like being someone without a name.
People keep asking me what my name is.
'I don't know. But people call me Shahn. Used to go by Serena. Spent some time as Jack and Sara and Ser and a few other names.'
Mostly I say I'm ftm genderqueer and let people chew on that."
-- Shahn, young-guys list moderator, summarizing what being genderqueer means for hir.

"I don't believe in a continuum between male and female. It has become very hip to postulate continua, and often it seems for the simple reason to get rid of the burden to define categories. In this case, up to now, I've never seen a convincing attempt at parametricizing that continuum, so it remains a belief-system rather than being a halfway credible working-hypothesis. Also I'm a bit suspicious about the motivation to pick out male and female as the poles of the continuum: looks like an attempt to save the old dichotomy by camouflaging it a bit. If we tried to account for all the parameters relevant to the 40+ syndromes we're dealing with we would end up with a multidimensional categorial space, and the poles w/ respect to the gonadal parameter probably would be something like agonadism and streaked gonads as in gonadal dysgeneses such as Turner's or Swyer's, w/ respect to the karyotypic parameter we probably had something like 45,X at the center of the system of coordinates and all kinds of mosaicisms branching off to yield a real mathematically complex graph :-) ..."
-- Heike Susanne Bödeker

"A few times, I've noticed someone deliberately watching me to see which bathroom I'll go into. If this happens, I pause by the entrances to the bathrooms, pull a coin out of my pocket, and flip it. Then (and this is what makes the performance more than a mere prank) I look down at the coin with an expression of dismay, mutter aloud, "Oh, God, not again"--and walk into the bathroom I was going to use anyway."
- Raphael Carter

Newish: A page where we can dump all the cool genderqueer words we come up with!

Also newish:
A bookstore where you can see our old book recommendations in a neat pretty format and order them from Powell's Books!


  • WHY gender is a sphere
  • FAQ on being Genderqueer at a Women's College
  • Queergender Frequently Asked Questions
    Gender Identification and Sexual Orientation Among Genetic Females with Gender -Blended Self-Perception in Childhood and Adolescence: a genderqueer academic paper! Contains an interesting gender continuum at the end. (Offsite)


  • Who are we? What are we?
  • Read what our members have said about their genderqueer experiences
  • Our personal webpages, where you can learn about
    Being intersexed by choice,
    a multigendered bi boy,
    A vreer,
    A genderqueer FTM trannyfag....
    and soon, more!


  • Check out Donna's Gender Toys! (offsite link)
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  • and our spiffy polling area
  • "Dorothy Parker...described a party she had been to where seven sexes were present: male, female, homosexual, lesbian, hermaphroditic, neuter -- and herself." (Robert Kaplan, "The Nothing That Is")


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