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Why pay fees on every check when only 1 in 50 actually bounce?

With our service, you won't pay any fees on the 49 good checks...instead, the 1 of 50 
checks that actually do bounce are automatically forwarded  to our processing center.
They are then  converted into an electronic check.   Upon funds availability, the amount of 
the check is electronically debited from the bounced check writers account.  

We eliminate the aggravation and you get paid 100% of the face value of the check!

You're Covered!
Simply Place Our Decal at Your Point of Sale

  Protection from Bad Checks without fees on the Good Ones...

Eliminate Collection Headaches!
Let CheckElect Collect your Bounced Checks for you!

Click Here for Step by Step Process of How CheckElect works!

Eliminate Bank Fees!

Our Service Will Eliminate the Second Bank Return Fee...Saving You $5.00 to $20.00 per Bounced Check!

How Much Does it Cost?

$95.00 One-Time Setup Charge
$10.00 monthly statement charge


No Per Check Fees!   No Equipment To Purchase!  No Percentage Fees!  
No Verification Fees!  No Monthly Minimums!   No Training of Employees!  
No Codes to Memorize!   No Annual Fees!   Free secondary collection!

Would you like to accept checks exactly like a credit card, but for less?  Click Below:

Called The Most Significant Advancement in Check Acceptance Technology History!
P.A.I.Dô  (
Payment Authorized Instantly Debitedô) verifies account balance and instantly debits funds!

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