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Saturday, June 21, 2003

Dog's handler deserves thanks for his work

Ringo, the retiring Hall County Sheriff's Department dog, got most of the attention during a ceremony Tuesday. However, equally deserving praise was Sgt. Bryan Simonson.

Work anniversaries OK, but forget the year

Robb Krecklow | It's anniversary season.

Letters to the editor

Gallagher will be missed at museum ... Flowers stolen from cemetery frustrating ... George Park has its own mud hole


Friday, June 20, 2003

  • Nebraska impresses CWS crowd
  • Letters to the editor: Congress working to preserve, improve Head Start ... U.S. senators' raises outdo those on Social Security
  • Pete Letheby | Wind energy, not coal, is positive development
  • George Ayoub | Pottermania about to become real page-turner


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    AP Wire
    Updated 5:30 AM ET

    » Ariz. wildfire expected to keep spreading

    » Clergy abuse victims group opens meeting

    » Workers diverted runaway cars near L.A.

    » Army trial recommended in grenade attack

    » Woman cleared to sue city over Jesus sign

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    Updated 5:41 AM ET

    » U.S. finds Iraqi documents in raid

    » Terror alert shuts U.S. embassy in Kenya

    » Iran blocks U.N. nuke watchdog's moves

    » Boat sinks off Tunisia, about 200 missing

    » Assets of Saddam Hussein still missing

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    "Has the US set a precedent with the war on Iraq in that we are now "expected" to go to war with any country who repeatedly ignores UN sanctions? I don't expect that, but I can see where countries/leaders critical of our methods are coming from. ..." - srb , in our topic: Roadmap

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