Your Bottled Water May Not Be What You Think

Is the bottled water that cost you $1.79 really any better than filling your cup from the tap? It may not be. During the dramatic rise in bottled water consumption in the last ten years, some bottling companies have stretched their original water sources so thin they began to use common groundwater and wells near hazardous contamination, all the while touting their bottled water as naturally pure and pristine.

Consumers have begun to take notice. Recently, a group of consumers filed a national class action lawsuit against Nestle, the maker of Poland Spring water, claiming that Nestle uses common, heavily treated water when bottling Poland Spring, but labels the bottles as spring water and charges consumers a premium price.

You can view photos pertaining to the concerns with Poland Spring sources, read a summary of the lawsuit or read the complaint.

This Web site provides information on consumer actions against bottled water companies that we believe are duping customers into paying for what they could get straight from the tap. If you have information on bottled water that you suspect is not living up to its claims, tell us about it.