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Showcase site of the day archive : November 2001

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The Collective Unconsciousness Project

Create a log of your dreams or see the dreams of others through an exploratory, database-driven interface created with Macromedia Flash. (Site built with Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and FreeHand.)

developed by:
Simon King


Frozen Under

Experience the sights and sounds of Antarctica through an enlightening and educational multimedia presentation created with Macromedia Flash.

developed by:
Melia Design Group


Enjoy the Weather

Get a closer look at Nike's new line of winter athletic wear at this gorgeous online component of Nike's winter product campaign. (Site built with Macromedia Flash.)

developed by:
Blast Radius



Dimension Data created a new website for VH1 UK. The new site makes innovative use of Macromedia Flash to create its own window-based interface environment.

developed by:
Dimension Data


Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Developers at EagleShade used Macromedia Flash to give the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Web site an updated look with added functionality. The new site features a schedule that displays the annual concert listings in a dynamic graphical interface.

developed by:
Ilan Dray of EagleShade


A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans & the U.S. Constitution

Experience the story of Japanese Americans who were forced out of their homes and into internment camps during World War II. Developers used Macromedia Flash to create this online complement to the Smithsonian's physical exhibition.

developed by:
Second Story Interactive Studios


Kodak Picture Maker Demo

Try out the Kodak Picture Maker photo editing tool with this interactive demo. Developers used Macromedia Flash to re-create the functionality of the Kodak Picture Maker kiosk online.

developed by:
the Team at
Modem Media (Joel Tretin, Lori Middleton, Hannah Brion, Brian Walters and Himanshu Bharadwaj)


Technics 1210

Create your own tunes with the Technics Sound Flyer tool created with Macromedia Director Shockwave Studio. Users can send their mixes to their friends, or vote for their favorites in the online forum.

developed by:


Smart Set

Combining an engaging interface created with Macromedia Flash with a back-end driven by ColdFusion, developers built a powerful dynamic site for Canadian retailer Smart Set.

developed by:
Dynamo e-Media


The Royal Tenenbaums

Get a sneak peak into the characters and story of the up-and-coming release film "The Royal Tenenbaums." Explorational interface created with Macromedia Flash.

developed by:
Buena Vista Online Entertainment


Levitated Net

Get your daily dose of Macromedia Flash experimentations and organisms at Levitated Net. Users can also download the source files to see how they work.

developed by:
Jared Tarbell


MoMA Builds

Follow the phases of development at a new site built to document the architectural process involved in the building of the new Museum of Modern Art. (Site created with Macromedia Flash 5 and HomeSite 5.)

developed by:



Iconocast, a new media company specializing in Internet marketing, recently redesigned their Web site. The new site features an interactive interface utilizing Macromedia Flash with a Generator-driven back end.

developed by:
ICONOCAST and The Flash Brigade


Design Your Perfect Bed

Using Macromedia Flash and ColdFusion, developers have created the Simmons Bed Building Tool where users can answer a series of questions to find the perfect bed to match their needs.

developed by:



The team at Seven used Macromedia Flash to create a site for ChinaClimb, a rock climbing guide company. Clean and simple in design, the site provides users with an uncluttered yet engaging experience that showcases rock climbing in and around Yangshuo, China.

developed by:
Seven Visual Communications



Check out the official Lenny Kravitz Web site featuring the Preview Jukebox which allows users to preview each track of his new album online. (Site built entirely in Macromedia Flash.)

developed by:
Kurt Noble, Inc.


Vision 101

Take a closer look at the human eyes and how they work. 1-800 CONTACTS used Macromedia Flash to create Vision 101, an instructional application that informs users about issues pertaining to ocular health.

developed by:


Artists of Brücke: Themes in German Expressionist Prints

Working with Second Story Interactive Studios, the Museum of Modern Art created, for the first time, an online-exclusive exhibition. The new exhibition was designed specifically for the Web both in presentation and distribution. (Created with Macromedia Flash and SoundEdit 16.)

developed by:
Second Story Interactive Studios


War Zone Explorer's War Explorer provides users with an interactive guide to current content related to the war and terrorist attacks. Main features of the War Explorer include the Map Explorer and the Tools of War, both built with Macromedia Flash.

developed by:


History of Rock and Roll Visual Timeline

Get a comprehensive view of the history of rock music with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum interactive timeline built with Macromedia Director Shockwave Studio.

developed by: