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In February of 2003, The Weather Channel successfully re-launched Weatherscan, it’s all local digital tier product, on the new IntelliStar™ platform. IntelliStar is a revolutionary advancement over past generations of Weather Star® technology. The IntelliStar Weatherscan platform supports ASI output, higher quality graphics, animation, sophisticated crawl management, all while dramatically reducing channel bandwidth requirements.

Look for the introduction of the IntelliStar domestic platform early in 2004!

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We at The Weather Channel are delighted to welcome you to our new comprehensive The Weather Channel Current Conditions site.

We’re committed to providing outstanding customer service as we deliver high quality weather and related information that helps consumers prepare for and understand the weather and how it affects their lives…..reliable, expert information that consumers have come to depend on and that make The Weather Channel the most valued media brand.

This new site is designed to improve communication about our products and provide information about who to contact here at The Weather Channel if you need information or assistance. We’ve included product fact sheets, and specific people to contact, and we’ll update these lists as we release new products.

We want to hear from you so we can better understand your needs and requirements, so please use this site and stay in touch with us.

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