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A set of matlab scripts to convert data from GE format to SPM format.

Get the tar file for version 3.1 by clicking here: GE2SPM-3.1.tar.
Or, get the tar file for version 1.0 by clicking here: GE2SPM-1.0.tar.

Read Me
Click to see the README file for version 3.1.
Click to see the README file for version 1.0.

GE2SPM-3.1 These conversion scripts use the SPM file creation functions and generate SPM compatible files. A .mat file is generated with every image relating the image coordinates to scanner coordinates. This will allow scans taken in the same session (ie if the landmark is unchanged) to be in register. If the subject doesn't move, then a partial field of view oblique scan will be in register with a whole brain volume. This is achieved through the .mat files.
Note - this conversion utility flips the data to neurological (patient) coordinates.

GE2SPM-1.0 These conversion scripts reshape and flip the data around to match Analyze compatible files, ie axial in radiological convention. The origin is set to be the center of the acquisition volume.

Testing The utilities have been tested with Axial, Sagittal, Coronal scans with slices acquired SI and IS, LR and RL, and PA, AP. Also tested for Oblique Axial. Version 1.0 probably won't work for double obliques, but version 3.1 should.

GE_convertVolume Converts a series of 5.X GE slices into Analyze format for SPM. Should be easy to convert this to handle LX images.

GE_convertADW Converts a series of GE slices acquired on the Advanced Development Workstation into Analyze format for SPM. These are 5.X format stored on the Sun machine GE uses to bypass the 512 images/series limitation of its database.

GE_dumpHeader Dumps much of the header from a GE lx2 or 5.X file to a file or stdout.

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