December 4, 2002 

Australia Total Solar Eclipse in Woomera

This year my husband, John, and I traveled to Australia to see the December 4th Solar Eclipse.  We viewed the Eclipse from  the centre of the Woomera launch zone.  The eclipse traveled over Africa, the Indian Ocean, through Australia starting in Ceduna and ending near Lyndhurst, Australia. 

John and I went to Woomera because we feared coastal clouds might block the eclipse in Ceduna, even though Ceduna would experience several more seconds of eclipse.  The people who traveled to Ceduna were lucky; clouds covered the event until 3 minutes before totality.  So the 50,000 visitors in Ceduna did get to see the eclipse, barely.

The eclipse over Woomera only lasted 30 seconds, but for those seconds the sky is spectacular.  We watch the moon speed over the sun, blocking all light but the brilliant corona.  This eclipse had the brightest corona Iíve seen. 

This is the first eclipse where I got some of great shots.  Here are the best two.  A close of up the brilliant corona spilling out from around the sun and a view of the eclipse as it hangs over the horizon.

This was our 5th Eclipse, and we plan to see more.  Next year Antarctica on November 23rd.  We've put down a deposit.  I hope to see you there. 

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Leticia Ferrer, December 2002