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Forthcoming Tournaments

24 Apr: WORLD SINGLES 48- Larry Kahn (USA, champion) v. Andy Purvis (UK, challenger) (Cambridge)
25/26 Apr: National Pairs (Cambridge)
2 May: Varsity Match - Oxford University v. Cambridge University (Oxford)
Unknown, normally early July: London Open
31 Oct/1 Nov: National Teams of Four (Oxford)
21/22 Nov: National Singles (Cambridge)

Other News

Jörn Tomsen has become the first StATS player to win a National title.
He partnered Patrick Barrie in the 6th Scottish Pairs and stole first place in the very last round.

The new NATwA pages are available at http://www.tiddlywinks.org. Updated with News on NATwA events.

Old News
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