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JEG’s image focuses on a strong relationship with our customers, both online and on site. This customer-oriented emphasis originates with our CEO, and trickles down to every facet of our business. Such an approach relies on the hard work of our management team, and hinges on the connection a customer feels with the quality of the products and services JEG provides.

JEG is a hybrid between a brick and mortar company with outlets around Houston, and an global Online Network, giving JEG a presence worldwide. JEG plans continued expansion on both fronts, with the traditional storefront providing a community presence and the Network giving the company reach beyond historic borders.

 Jarvis Board of Directors and Comities

John D. Jarvis Jr.
John D. Jarvis Jr., Chairman, and CEO: John has over ten years experience in strategic marketing and sales with significant emphasis on relationship sales with Fortune 100 companies. He has over five years experience with all aspects of Internet operations and development, including direct experience with web site development for corporate presence as well as content deployment.

Evan Jarvis
Evan runs our “Onsite” division, He has more than 30,000 on-site hours of experience with this program in a variety of industries. These industries include manufacturing, retail, service, high-tech, doctors, attorneys, dentists, restaurant, entertainment, lodging, construction and about a dozen other industries. Companies have engaged him at a variety of stages, from the start-up to the ultimate sale of the company. He serves on the board of directors and executive committees for JEG. He is generally involved in both the company and network business, financial and tax planning strategies.

Ricky Driessel
Ricky acts as our Jarvis Internet Technology Specialist he also involves himself with specialty sales resources to the existing Jarvis Hosting Account Teams and supports the sales of all Jarvis online IP services. He is responsible for representing the entire Network Integration IP Services product line and is accountable for the sales of Internet Access (Dedicated & Shared), Internet Hosting Services, VPN/EVPN Services, security offerings (managed firewalls), e-commerce applications and professional services. Functions include sales of the IP Services line of business in conjunction with existing sales channels, as well as to end users. As the Jarvis Online Technology Specialist, He work's jointly with account teams, identifies IP applications, recommends solutions and position Jarvis Online value-added services across a variety of industry segments.

Ian Watts

Gary Goff

Peter Respond
Peter is the Network Engineering Manager/Chief Engineer/Director overseeing all wireless/wired network connectivity, service and solutions that runs on the Jarvis backbone. His previous experiences with Digi Sources, Inc. as a Lead Network Engineer, Supervisor and owner has helped Jarvis build a strong and solid fixed broadband backbone as well as services and solutions for customers. He has a background in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with multiple Cisco and Microsoft certifications to back his track record. His experiences with networks and VoIP is used to deliver Jarvis network and service to the highest level of stability and reliability. He continues to use his expertise to develop, deploy, manage, maintain and enlarge Jarvis footprint in the market.

John Foster
John Foster , A multi-faceted professional with a strong and progressive career in the field of Financial Accounting and Management, John has over 20 years experience in banking, financial planning, corporate finance and accounting, new business development and client relations. He has directed all phases of corporate finance, profitability analysis, cost control, accounting and managed the consolidation of company branches and the sale of businesses. John earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance from Baylor University, is a CPA and annually completes 40 hours of Continuing Professional Education Courses.

David Herr
David has over 12 years of experience in IS consulting and IS leading role efforts for large municipalities, as well as 24 years in both civilian and military Radio Systems. He served as MIS Director of Montgomery County, Texas, one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. In addition to managing the county's multi-million-dollar budget and MIS personnel, he developed and implemented a variety of large scale wide and local area networks and deployed and managed multiple data, voice, and wireless systems to over 45 different county departments. Additionally, he is a founding member of the County GIS consortium and served on the FCC/APCO Region 51 Public Safety Spectrum Planning Board. Beyond his military background as a Tactical Telecommunications Specialist, David holds numerous certificates and licenses related to operation systems, hardware and software platforms.

Jarvis Network Wants You!

Please take the time to E-Mail Us and you will be contacted for a short interview if we're able to utilize your talents.....Be a part of a online network you can call home!

Thank you for your support of the Jarvis Network.

These are the type of people we are recruting:

Thanks to a headline in the Houston Business Journal, I recently checked out your website. I was very intrigued by what I read and saw, so much so that I was compelled to send you an e-mail to inquire about employment opportunities. Your overall corporate philosophy, the enthusiasm conveyed throughout the website, the opportunity, vision and potential that you depict are attributes that I not only admire, but want to be a part of.

Debbie Christa

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