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Punk Fui: The Love Connection
How to find love, spice up a stale love life, or just get busy
by Kirsten Hudson

If you want to get some love or just get busy, feng shui can help. Feng shui (meaning wind and water in Chinese) is an ancient practice that can help you balance your life by balancing the energy "chi" of your home. Making a few simple changes to your home (with the right intention) can help you attract new love or bring passion back into a stale relationship. To learn more about punk fui, read Tsia's article. To learn more about feng shui and these areas, see the "books we love" list below.



Show me the Love
According to feng shui, your home can be divided into 9 areas: children/creativity, helpful people/travel, career, wisdom, family, money, fame, health and love. To find your love area stand in your doorway (the door to your home, your apartment, your room if you share a household). The love area is the furthest most rightest corner. In addition to the main love area for your home (on the ground floor if you have more than one), each room has its own love area (found by standing in the door and finding the furthest most rightest corner of that room). In addition to the main love area of your home, it is good idea to pay some attention to the love area of your bedroom.

Now that I've found it, how do I turn it on?
  1. Light--Make sure that the lighting is good, and, if appropriate, try some mood lighting.
  2. Pairs of things. When decorating, think in pairs--doodads, vases, etc.
  3. Nice smells--incense or perfume, good smells create good energy. Bad smells, needless to say, can do the reverse.
  4. Candles. Candles shouldn't be the main lighting here, but candlelight energy is perfectly romantic. Try 2. Those red and pink ones in the glass jars are great.
  5. Earth--The element associated with this area is earth. So plants are a good idea. Two healthy ones would be great. No trees though, as wood uproots earth.
  6. Pink--The color associated with this area is pink. Use it if, and where, it seems appropriate.
  7. Pictures of happy couples and other things that say love. That's happy couples (if your parents fought everyday of your childhood do not hang their happy wedding picture here). If you don't want pictures of people, try pictures of two animals or birds.
  8. Crystals--a basic feng shui cure. Try a pair of rose quartz crystals if you really need help.
  9. Everything else--Be creative. If something says love to you, put it in the love area of your home. If your home office is in the love area, maybe get a heart shaped phone. What's most important, ultimately, is your intention. Putting intentional energy into your home and sending that energy out into the world is the thing that will attract love to you.
A word about excess
Don't worry about doing everything. Fix the problems and then choose a couple of enhancements that speak to you--remember that one of the joys of being in love is how easy it can be when it's right.

Love area no-nos
  1. Dripping taps, leaky pipes, running toilets. Get them fixed or your love life will be all muddied up by the loose water.
  2. Toilet--if a toilet is in your main love area, keep the seat lid down. And think about getting a red or pink toilet seat.
  3. Garbage--Move it if you can. If you can't, try and reg a receptical with a lid. Red, brown, yellow or pink would all be good colors.
Help! It's just not there
It happens to the best of us--our love corner is missing. Gone, cut out, filled by an air shaft or a neighbors garage. If this is what's going on chez you, don't despair:
    A. Apply the above suggestions to the love area of your bedroom (and your living room, dining room, etc. if you like).
    B. Be creative--remind yourself of love, put love energy everywhere. Remember, feng shui is all about intention. If you put the energy there, the world will take notice.
Diagonally across from the love area is the area representing wisdom and knowledge. This is also the area that is often associated with judgement and decision making. So give it a little attention as well--so you make the right decisions (for you). Try something blue, a written prayer, a picture of a spiritual guide, a healthy plant, etc.

Kirsten Hudson has really good ideas, is studying feng shui (for real) and looking for adventures.