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Health/Medical Thesaurus of the Week

Celiac Disease: A chronic hereditary intestinal disorder in which an inability to absorb the gliadin portion of gluten results in the gliadin triggering an immune response that damages the intestinal mucosa -- called also celiac sprue, gluten-sensitive enteropathy, nontropical sprue, sprue

Dementia: a condition of deteriorated mentality that is characterized by marked decline from the individual's former intellectual level and often by emotional apathy -- compare AMENTIA


Reference Sources: MWSearch, Merriam Webster, Merck Manual, Medical Dictionaries online


Search Example of the Week


Search Term: Dementia

MWSearch Auto Expansion, Synonyms and more specific terms added to query: Dementia; Dementia, Multi-Infarct; Presenile dementia with delusional features; Presenile dementia with depressive features; Dementia, Presenile; Creutzfeldt-Jakob Syndrome; Supranuclear Palsy, Progressive; Dementia, Senile; Dementia, Vascular; Alzheimer's Disease; AIDS Dementia Complex; Presenile dementia with delirium;

Example of Search Result: Estrogen plus progestin and the incidence of dementia and mild cognitive impairment in postmenopausal women: the Women's Health Initiative Memory Study: a randomized controlled trial. JAMA. 2003 May 28;289(20):2651-62
Example of Search: Differential Diagnosis of Dementing Diseases

Health Statistics



US Death and Death Rate (per 100,000) by Cause (2001)

All Death                                            2,417762       849 

Diseases of heart                                   699697       245.7

Malignant Neoplasmas                        533251        194.3

Cerebrovascular Disease                     163601          57.4

Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease  123974          43.5

Accidents                                                97707           34.3

Diabetes Mellitus                                   71252           25

Influenza & Pneumonia                         62123           21.8

Alzheimer's Disease                               53679           18.8

Nephritis & Nephrosis                           39661          13.9

Septicemia                                                32275          11.3

Suicide                                                      29423          10.3

Chronic Liver Disease & Cirrhosis         26751           9.4

Homicide                                                  19727            6.9

Essential Hypertension & H. Renal       19054            6.7

Pneumonitis due to solids & liquids      17392            6.1

All Others                                              408231        143.3 
Motor Vehicle Deaths: 43,501 (1998)  16.1 (1998)

AIDS/HIV Deaths:         13,426 (1998)    5.0 (1998 Age adjusted)
Viral hepatitis Deaths:  4,796 (1998)     1.4 (1998 Age adjusted)
Source: National Vital Statistics Reports, National Center for health Statistics 

Medical News

Undiagnosed Celiac Disease Common, Study Finds
Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA 
WEDNESDAY, June 18 (HealthDayNews) -- A surprising number of apparently healthy
children are walking around with undiagnosed celiac disease, an autoimmune ...

HIV wife awarded $700000
Melbourne Herald Sun 
A NSW Supreme Court judge ruled two doctors should have warned the woman's fiance to tell her he had tested positive for HIV.

Mystery Solved - Addison Disease 
Patient delighted to be diagnosed with Addison Disease...

Ex-Senator Urges Men to Get Mammograms
Yahoo News 
NEW YORK - Former Sen. Edward Brooke, who became the first black US senator since Reconstruction, is speaking out on behalf of men who suffer from breast cancer

SARS found in North Carolina
Tarboro Daily Southerner, NC 
... an Orange County man who visited Toronto last month contracted severe acute respiratory Syndrome, eighth confirmed case in US.

Information on SARS

The following exerts and quotes give the readers a quick overview. See list and for details please log in and read the full papers: (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome related papers listed)

"AS OF this week, 263 people have died of SARS worldwide.' The death rate “has gone from 3.5 and 4 percent, and is now between 5.9 and 6 percent,' said Julie Gerberding, director of CDC"

"As of April 17, there had been 3389 cases and 165 deaths (a death rate of 4.9 percent) as a result of SARS reported in 27 countries.""SARS Death rate is 8.8 percent in China"

"a novel coronavirus is the causative agent."

"Coronaviruses are ubiquitous and cause illness in many animals... They have been associated with upper respiratory infections and sometimes pneumonia in humans. Genetic changes occur frequently.."

"Although large-droplet transmission seems to be important in the spread of SARS.....airborne transmission through droplet nuclei (<10 µm in diameter) can occur. Such droplet nuclei, which are key in the transmission of influenza, measles, and tuberculosis..."

"Suggestive laboratory features... include lymphopenia, thrombocytopenia, and elevated lactate dehydrogenase levels. In patients with suspected SARS, a workup for known causes of community-acquired pneumonia should be performed, and specimens should be sent to the CDC for viral identification and serologic analysis"

"Most physicians have prescribed standard antibacterial regimens for community-acquired pneumonia, and some have added a neuraminidase inhibitor to cover both influenzavirus A and influenzavirus B."

"Some physicians have also prescribed corticosteroids for patients with severe cases."

"the 4.9 percent mortality rate is in fact similar to that seen generally with community-acquired pneumonia in the United States. Furthermore, the total number of deaths remains a small fraction of the estimated 35,000 deaths from influenza each year in the United States alone."


Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Click SARS 

Login for Paper by Julie L Gerberding, Director of CDC 

Major Outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in Hong Kong, Nelson Lee et al (14 authors), in NEJM

SARS Appears to be Under Control, says WHO Official Voice of America



Information on HIV Infection and New Drugs

What Is Enfuvirtide? New Drug for AIDS Not in Medical Thesaurus. What are Zyprexa and Risperidal for Schizophrenia? Click Issue Papers and See Other Health and Medical Issues Log in to use Medical Acronym Search and Medical Spell Check 

See New England Journal of Medicine current issue (May 29/2003) on HIV infection 

MWSearch Voices

Dr. Carlo Urbani, a specialist in infectious diseases, responded to WHO's call for help on SARS in February and swiftly determined that the small private hospital was facing something unusual. For the next several days, he chose to work at the hospital, documenting findings, arranging for samples to be sent for testing, and reinforcing infection control. The hospital established an isolation ward that was kept under guard. Dr. Urbani worked directly with the medical staff of the hospital. Dr. Urbani had put himself at risk and worked selflessly to help other health workers. 

Dr. Carlo Urbani, Source: NEJM

Dr. Urbani would not survive to see the successes resulting from his early detection of SARS. On March 11. He fought SARS for the next 18 days in a makeshift isolation room in a Bangkok hospital. Dr. Carlo Urbani died on March 29, 2003. 

We express our greatest respect to Dr. Urbani and our deepest regret that the world has lost him

MWSearch Expresses Deepest Sympathy and Condolences to Families of Columbia Shuttle Crew  (See NASA's Starscapes Slides

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Summer Is Around the Corner - Mosquitto, Food Safety... See Issue Papers

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