Roman Theater

A view of the Roman Theater in downtown Amman.

Amman has lots of historical sites. One of the best is the Roman Theater. It's located in the center of Downtown Amman. It is the most obvious and impressive remain of Ancient Philadelphia. In front of the theater there are remains of a city forum.

The theater was built in the 2nd century AD during the reign of Antoninus Pius ( ruled from 138 to 161 ). The theater is very well preserved and easy to reach. The theater had much religious significance . The small structure built into the rocks above the top row is believed to have housed a statue of the goddess Athena.

In recent years it has once again become a place of entertainment. Play productions occur many times during the year. Maybe a six grade student would think that he is going to the theater just because of their teachers or their parents , but guess what? There is a McDonald and you can stop with your class or with your parents to eat there . But the McDonalds is not the best part; the best part is the beautiful Roman Theater. You can climb up the big stairs into a big and nice Roman Theater or stand on the stage and speak to all of your friends.

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