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Book Report

by Thomas C. Utts

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Clark Air Base
Stories Wanted *
(Cover Photo from an
early 1970's Base Guide)

2000--This page started a while ago, has been an overwhelming success. So many
wonderful accounts of the Clark experience have been submitted. Now he focus is on
editing, preparing the material, and finding a publisher.

Any new material at this point will have to cover significant events not
previously mentioned, or be unusually exciting or interesting.
(That doesn't mean the legend of the fire truck stolen from
Clark--which nearly everyone mentioned.)

Original Project Description

         "Our town is dying after 90 years." That's the way the Pacific Stars & Stripes
                 described it when when the last planes had roared down the runways and a shroud of
               volcanic ash buried Clark.

            Hi, I'm Thomas Utts, a retired Air Force public affairs officer. I'm also an author. My
                novel, KOREA BLUE , a military thriller, was published by Signet Books.  Like many
                of you, I served a tour at Clark. I was in the 13th Air Force PAO shop from 1971 to 1973.
                I was also fortunate enough to be at Hickam from 1974 to 1979, in the PAC COMM
                Headquarters, and made many a TDY to Clark during that period.

                Clark was certainly one of the United States most important, colorful and historic
                overseas bases. I think the fascinating history of Clark needs to be told. Now I'm working
                on a nonfiction, "anecdotal" history of Clark. The GI experience in the Philippines
              told by people who were there. All of you out there, those who were stationed at Clark,
                went there on TDY, or just passed through, I need your help to tell this story. The history
                of Clark is the story of the thousand of people, men and women, GIs and dependents, and
                Filipinos who worked or lived near the base.

                I plan to cover the entire 90 year history, from the beginning of the 20th Century, the
                Fort Stotsenberg days when the hoof beats of the Cavalry thundered across the plain,
                to the dark days at the start of World War II, to the tumultuous time where it was the key
                support base for the Vietnam War, to the final dark end in the Pinatubo eruption.

                I'd like to hear from all of you who were at Clark. Your personal recollections, any incidents
                you think are particularly interesting, or just good war stories. I want it all, the good, the bad,
                and the really funny. And if you have any historical date, or if you know anyone you think
                might have a story to tell, please let them know about this site.

                 Y'all Come Back: E-mail addresses of everyone who contact me were saved so when
                       information concerning publication is available, notification will be sent. Unfortunately,
                       my computer plunged into a cyber black hole some time back. When I fished it out, the
                       address book failed to resurface. Most addresses were recovered, but some were lost.
                       So check this site updates on publication.

                                           Now Available
                 "ANYTHING YOU SAY, SIR!"
             by Colonel William I. Truesdell
               Thanks to Marilyn Holmlund, a former 13th AF officer, who knows him,
                       the good news is Colonel Bill Truesdell has been found living the good
                       retired life in in Phoenix, AZ.  His book was written and published at the end
                       of his tour in 1973. It is wickedly funny, insightful account which has become
                       something of an underground classic for Clark groupies. I was one of those
                       lucky to serve with and know Colonel Billy True, and was present at his
                       autograph signing party at CABOOM.

                       Now a limited number of copies have been obtained and are available. For
                       information on obtaining one, contact the e-mail address below.

                      In January, 2001, Marilyn Holmlund wrote with the sad news that Colonel
                       Truesdell passed away on December 31, 2000. Bill's wife sent this information:

William I. Truesdell, Colonel U.S.A.F. retired
30 June 1923, Union City MI  --   31 December 2000, Scottsdale AZ
Air Force Fighter Pilot, Base Commander
Veteran of WWII, Korea and Southeast Asia
World Traveler, Raconteur and Golf Enthusiast

Private graveside services conducted by Luke AFB Honor Guard
for the immediate family on January 5, 2001 at
St. Francis Cemetery in Phoenix

 Pictures, on base or off, welcome. Send e-mail -- or request snail mail address.
Include year taken, location, short description of what is going on, and photographer if know, etc.

Comments, suggestions, whatever welcome:

Update: January, 2001

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