Setting Permissions On Pre-Installed Scripts

All of the cgi scripts provided as part of your domain have been setup and configured properly.  As mentioned earlier, one of the most difficult tasks of dealing with CGI programs is correct settings of file permissions.  Listed below are the default permission settings for the installed CGI programs.
Free for all Links Permission
links dir chmod 755
links/links.htm chmod 666
cgi-bin/ chmod 755
Graphic Counter Permission
counter dir chmod 775
counter/logs chmod 777
counter/ all other files chmod 666
 cgi-bin/counter chmod 755
Cgi-bin always chmod 755 all scripts chmod 755 in main bin
cgi-bin/counters (text counter) chmod 755
Random Text
random dir chmod 775
random/random.txt chmod 666
Password Admin
password dir chmod 755
All password files chmod 666

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