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This site is dedicated in honor of the work that was done for the Fox
River in Illinois by an individual who called himself "The Fox". The
Fox was one of the pioneers of environmental activism, helping to
stop water pollution of the Fox River.

We hope to continue in the path of The Fox by teaching people what
they can do to help the environment, and to provide a listing of where
environmental projects that they can participate in will be located.

We would also like to thank The Fox, wherever he is. If you know where The Fox can be located, please mail Porter with your info.

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Introduction to my Hornaday Projects
Conservation Web Page Project
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Elm Restoration Project
Hazardous Materials Project
I-Pass Project
Animal Habitats Project
My Eagle Project - Prairie Eco-Survey

This page and these projects represent two years of work in partial fulfillment of the requirements toward the Boy Scout Silver Hornaday Award.

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