Hope is the embodiment of Dahak. She is his physical hand in the world and she is also the face of evil for Gabrielle and Xena.  Hope was introduced in the Season Three episode “Gabrielle’s Hope.”  She is half mortal and half god, and she was born within a matter of a couple of days after conception. She also grew very quickly, and along with the physical growth came the maturation of her evil. She killed within hours of life.  Xena recognized her for what she was but Gabrielle couldn’t bring herself to face the fact that her daughter was evil incarnate.


Gabrielle’s stubborn (though understandable) refusal to face the fact of what-not who-Hope really was had dire consequences for others down the road.  Let’s take a look at the life of this character.


1-Gabrielle’s Hope.  Hope is born into the Xenaverse in this episode, taking her first life in a few hours from being born.  When Xena moves to kill her Gabrielle’s maternal instincts kick in and she takes her child on the run. This puts an unspoken rift between Xena and Gabrielle, and it marks Gabrielle’s first serious lie to Xena.


2-Maternal Instincts-Xena and Gabrielle return to the Centaur village where Kaleipus and his people the Centaurs are preparing to sign a peace treaty with Ephiny, standing queen of the Amazon’s in Gabrielle’s place.  As it turns out Hope is still alive and she frees Callisto to help her kill Xena and Solon.  Gabrielle is again unwilling to believe her daughter is evil and ignores the warning signs that it is her daughter who is the mysterious ally Callisto alludes to in the forest when she made her first attempt to kill Solon.  It’s not until Hope unwittingly tells on herself that she killed Xena’s son that Gabrielle stops reaching to believe in her daughters innocence and is forced to poison her own child.  This necessary evil is a pain Gabrielle will never recover from.


3-The Bitter Suite-Hope is seen several times in this musical episode when both Xena and Gabrielle are forced to accept their responsibility in the events leading up to Solon’s death.


4-Sacrifice Parts 1&2-Hope emerges as a woman intent on bringing her father Dahak into the world.  Once again she works with Callisto and this time Ares to accomplish this and kill Xena and Gabrielle.   One sad note is that even after all that’s happened between them Hope still loved her mother, and Gabrielle loved her daughter, yet the evil that divided them forced them to fight on opposite sides of the fence of good and evil.


5-A Family Affair-Hope and her son (fathered by Ares) the first Destroyer (there were supposed to be six more in Dahak’s plan) return.  This time Hope has fooled Xena and Joxer into believing she is Gabrielle while she works to kill and build strength to bring Dahak back into the world.


6-We don’t see Hope again until her short appearance in “Motherhood”, and even then there is some with doubt as to whether or not this is really Hope or a Fury disguised as her. Either way her specter uses the anger in Gabrielle’s heart for Livia to try and kill Eve, and this almost leads to Gabrielle’s own death. 


Though she isn’t actually seen in the following episodes, Hope is mentioned in “Paradise Found” and “The Abyss” by Gabrielle.  This is proof of the hurt that only a parent can feel when they have lost their child.