The Harlem Hot Shots

The Rhythm Hot Shots have a new name! Sweden's world renowned swing-era dance troupe is pleased to introduce you to The Harlem Hot Shots! After 17 years as The Rhythm Hot Shots, the troupe is freshening up with a new name, new material, new members and new TOUR!

The Harlem Hot Shots are a sensationally talented dance company with a unique African-American style recreating the American dance era craze of the 20s, 30s and 40s, including many different dance forms, vocal and comedy.

The Harlem Hot Shots have been one of the driving forces in the revival of Lindy Hop during the past 15 years.

A show with The Harlem Hot Shots is a true experience in rhythm, flash and nostalgia: Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Tap, Charleston, Black Bottom, Acrobatics and much more. Their repertoire encompasses a broad range of talent and skills and is continuously expanding and changing.

  Lennart Westerlund         Fatima Teffahi
  Frida Segerdahl             Zakarias Larsson
  Mattias Lundmark           Hanna Zetterman
  Asa Palm             Daniel Heedman

2003 "Spirit of Swing" Tour

Montreal– May 2 to 4
Cleveland, OH– May 8
Chicago. IL– May 9 to 11
Twin City Toe Jam - Minneapolis, MN– May 16 to 18
Toronto – May 23 to 25
Ithaca, NY– June 6 to 8
The Harlem Jazz Dance Festival – June 13 to 16

See you back at the Herrang Dance Camp – July 5 to August 2nd