710 Ashbury

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A large Victorian mansion in the heart of the Haight-Ashbury, “710” was a boarding house managed by Danny Rifkin when a friend of his, Rock Scully, then manager of The Grateful Dead®,  suggested they jointly manage the band and move them into the boarding house.  The Grateful Dead family, complete with girlfriends, roadies, and a baby named Sunshine, moved there in September of 1966.  710 soon became a mandatory stop for other musicians, Pranksters, Diggers,  artists, and just about everyone else living in the Haight.  But by early 1968,  710 also became a stop for the local tour buses, and it was time to leave.


photo © gene anthony



'Jerry Garcia' #03 1967

'Jerry's Room' 1967

'Mountain Girl and Jerry' 1967

'Mountain Girl' 1967

'The Grateful Dead at 710' #09 1967

710 Ashbury 1967 1967