The Daughters of the Dragon

by Jeanne Burch

Colleen Wing

First appearance: Marvel Premiere 19, as a supporting Iron Fist character
Marvel Comics Presents: The Daughters of the Dragon! Favorite quote: "You see, Angar, part of me is samurai...and that part kills." (Iron Fist 7, after eviscerating the Screamer. He lived. Don't they always?)
Team affiliation: Colleen hangs out with Iron Fist and Power Man, the former Heroes for Hire. The private-eye business she and her partner Misty share is actually called "Nightwing Restorations;" Daughters of the Dragon is a contempeous term used by Iron Fist enemy Davos in Marvel Team Up 64. (He got his, though!) Colleen used to show up on X-jaunts as well, but that was a loooong time ago.
Powers: Colleen is a trained samurai warrior
Favorite Storyline: any written by Claremont or, especially, Mary Jo Duffy!
Least favorite storyline: the weird subplot in Uncanny X-Men where she puts the moves on Scott Summers

Misty Knight

First appearance: Marvel Team-Up 1 (and if you remember that, you are a Marvelite!)
misty Favorite quote: "DANNY!" (Marvel Team Up 64, and probably a few other places)
Team affiliation: Daughters of the Dragon, and occasional back-up for Heroes for Hire. She used to room with the Phoenix, so various X-personages would wander through her apartment every now and again, most notably in Iron Fist 15. She was also on the NYPD for six years, which explains the heat she's always packing.
Powers: Misty's bionic arm gives her greater than average strength, although it's prone to getting torn off or blown up.
Favorite Storyline: Toss up between Marvel Team Up 63-64, the conclusion of the Iron Fist series (back when Marvel cared about such things as loose ends), and Power Man and Iron Fist 78, where she single-handedly takes out...well, I won't spoil it for you if you haven't read it!
Least Favorite Storyline: Where Misty leaves Iron Fist for the smooth-talking Tyrone King, later (much later) retconned into being the second-rate sorcerer Master Khan in disguise. Talk about weird...
What's Up With This? Misty has made several appearances in DareDevil (seems DD's day job has him just down the hall from Nightwing Restorations) and her boyfriend Iron Fist's Heroes for Hire series.


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