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Cover Art Kiss
Paul Stanley
[Mercury Remasters Series]
Rating: 2.0

A precursor to the even more disappointing Kiss release Dynasty, Paul Stanley is of major historical significance to the Kiss catalog as it marks the beginning of the end. He commits a grevious error (although not as bad as that of Peter Criss) by making an album that sounds like... bad Kiss. Bad move.

You know, I remember a guy named Paul Stanley. The Paul Stanley that wrote such great rock songs as "Black Diamond", "Firehouse," "Room Service" and "Hotter Than Hell." Buy that guy and his entire table a round. But if I only knew him as the guy that wrote "Wouldn't You Like to Know Me?" and "Tonight You Belong to Me," I'd poop in his fishtank and flush the goldfish down the toilet. That's right, I'd give him the dreaded Shitfish. Now you know how, too. Remember that the next time you go over to Paul Stanley's house to borrow the weed wacker.

...But you know, if nothing else, at least "It's Alright" rocks.

-Jason Josephes

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