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DNARD circuit board

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DNARD: Hardware

The DIGITAL Network Appliance Reference Design hardware pages contain full details of the hardware, including schematics, datasheets, BOM and PCB layout. The details are extracted directly from the CAD system used to build the prototype units, so should accurately describe the full design.

Two variants of the design are described on the pages below this one. The main difference between them is in the video controller, which is the Chips and Technologies 65550 in the earlier (rev 4) design and the IGS Technologies CyberPro 2010 in the newer (rev 5) design. See the discussion of the tradeoffs for help in deciding between the two options. The later revision also has some bugfixes, so it is recommended that new designs start from the rev 5. If the 65550 is required, then take only the video and TV out sections from the rev 4 design, which will integrate with the rest of the rev 5).

Revision 4
Rev 4 uses the C&T 65550, and has been our main development platform. If you plan to use this version, please check the Revision 5 changes page and incorporate the bugfixes!

Revision 5
Rev 5 uses the IGS 2010 to achieve better video performance, and includes several bugfixes. It also introduced a rather serious video problem, for which a rework is available.


In addition to the online material on these web pages, the DNARD User's Guide is available (Adobe PDF format).

Host IDs
Each machine must have a unique host ID, Which is stored in an EEPROM in the proper format, as expected by the firmware.

FirmWorks, the company that provides the firmware, can also provide invaluable consultation and assistance in debugging of new prototypes based on the Reference Design. We strongly encourage manufacturers to contact FirmWorks and discuss arrangements for working with them in this manner.



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