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Cover Art Kiss
Love Gun
[Mercury Remasters Series]
Rating: 9.2

Yes, of course Love Gun. Why? I could make it long and boring, but it can easily be boiled down into a few reasons:

"Christine Sixteen" Probably the single best song Gene Simmons contributed to Kiss.

"Shock Me" Definitely the best thing Ace Frehley did with Kiss.

"Almost Human" Second place in the category of Best Simmons Tune.

"Tomorrow and Tonight" Bubblegum Kiss!

"I Stole Your Love" Of course.

And the rest of the album holds up pretty well, save for a Phil Spector cover that's tacked on at the end. Love Gun, sadly, became the studio zenith of recorded output, setting the stage for a slow but steady drop into the toilet.

-Jason Josephes

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