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Sunset on Upsilon Andromedae d

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Credit:        John Whatmough
Image Number:        048
Created:        1999
Available Resolution:        1280x1024

On the equator of gas giant upsilon Andromedae d, we float above the main cloud deck of water ice clouds. On the horizon, the sun is setting. Bisecting our view, we see the rings of the third planet as a thin line, glowing in the waning light. The shadow of the rings paints a dark swath on the cloud tops below. Within the rings, small shepherd moons glow like tiny diamonds. The planetís larger more distant moons can be seen arrayed in line with the rings. In the distance, two bright stars defy the light of the setting sun. These are the first and second planets of upsilon Andromedae.

This image is Copyright © by John Whatmough, all rights reserved.